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NEW! Delivery by DHL

Place your order before 15.00 h. (CEST) and your order will be shipped the same day! Delivery within Europe will take only one day! Want to ship your parcel overseas? It will take just a tiny bit longer, only 3 days! With DHL on demand you can adjust your delivery and have your parcel delivered any date and time you want! 

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The largest Delft blue vases!

The largest Delft blue vases in the world will arrive in the Netherlands on 13 December. 


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I visited the Heinen Delfts Blauw store on a recent trip to Amsterdam. I was impressed with the quality of their merchandise and wanted to purchase quite a few things. However, being that my trip to Amsterdam was the final stop of a multi-week, multi-country trip, I had run out of luggage space! Upon returning to the States, I found myself wishing I had made the purchases I had contemplated in Amsterdam. I looked up their website, and was able to purchase all the items I had wanted (+ a few more!) Shipping was extremely quick. My package arrived a few days after ordering. Everything was in perfect condition, and exactly how I remembered it in Amsterdam. Highly pleased with my shopping experience!

– Gail Thompson
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