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Heinen Delfts Blauw
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De grootste handbeschilderde Delfts blauwe vazen 3 meter hoog ter wereld reizen door Nederland VOC schip Heinen Delfts Blauw

Largest Delft blue vases of The Netherlands!

Written by Martijn On

Here they are: the largest Delft blue vases of The Netherlands! The two handpainted Heinen Delft Blue vases were revealed at the International Ceramics Fair in porcelain town Jingdezhen in China.

The vases are over three meters high and completely handmade in the century old porcelain city Jingdezhen. This is also where the East Indian Trading Company in de Golden Ages, went to get the first blue-on-white porcelain and bring it back to The Netherlands. This porcelain became extremely popular in The Netherlands, but the creative Dutchies thought 'what they can do, we can do too' which lead to the birth of Delft blue porcelain as we know it today.

Each vase has its own theme. One vase is decorated with a very detailled East Indian Trading Company ship and the other vase displays a beautiful peacock. The designs are created by our very own master painted and were handpainted by our master painter in China. A nerve wrecking job, as you are not allowed to make even the tiniest mistake on this material.

After the International Ceramics Fair, the two vases start a historic journey to The Netherlands. They follow the old trails of the East Indian Trading Company, just like the first batches of blue-on-white porcelain did centuries ago. In the city of Delft we will give them a warm welcome after which the vases will be displayed at several locations throughout the country.

Heinen Delft Blue, Museum Prinsenhof and the Gemeente Delft work together for the International Ceramics Fair in Jingdezhen.


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