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The bicycle is a popular theme in our large collection. You see it pictured on fun souvenirs, but also on more exclusive Delft blue products. Which one is your favourite homage to this typical Dutch phenomenon?

Everything about Bicycles

The bicycle collection by Heinen Delft Blue

The bicycle is a well known phenomenon in The Netherlands, just like our Delft blue products! That is why the two are a golden combination together. Choose your favourite product from our collection as a homage to this typical Dutch scene. You will find bicycles on our Delft blue souvenirs, but also on our more exclusive design producs.

Beautiful designer products and customized work

Beside the unique bicycle collection we have many more contemporary Delft blue products. Our slogan is 'creating new traditions' after all! We also work together with famous designers who created unique products for us. A good example of this are our tableware collections Blauw Bloesem, Blauw Festival and Blauw Vouw. Of course we also have many traditional items and products that you can customize.