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Heinen Delfts Blauw
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Heinen Delfts Blauw works on new traditions in close cooperation with famous Dutch designers. The result: unique pottery objects that excel in design. Special jewelry in any setting. We craft Delft blue designs for our own stores and on behalf of businesses, retail, hospitality and individuals.

Blauw Bloesem servies ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie Wijskamp, designer of Blauw Bloesem:

“The beauty of the volatile and imperfection”

According to designer Debbie Wijskamp there is a lot of beauty hidden in volatile things and in imperfection. Her crockery set Blauw Bloesem is a beautiful example.

“Blauw Bloesem (Blue Blossom) is inspired by century old crockery sets and excavated pottery. I think it’s beautiful when you can see that pottery has a history and that it has been used. I love the texture of pottery that has stayed underground for a long time. It is special to see what time does to an object. It is as if you are holding a rough stone in your hand, instead of a polished cup or saucer.”

The tableware set Blauw Bloesem is recognized by the classic, round shapes and soft lines. This brings out the best of the textures andthe Delft blue decorations. “Usually you find large decorations on Delft blue tableware, but I wanted to put the focus on small details and place these on one side of the pottery. It is as if the design is crawling out of the edge. It also makes the decoration visible when the item is being used while eating or drinking. Imagine you are preparing a beautiful meal, where you place the food in the middle of the plate, without covering the decoration.”

Blauw Bloesem

Droompakket met Blauw Bloesem koffiemokken, thee en stroopwafels Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 29,95
Blauw Bloesem Dipschaaltje set van 4 ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 27,95
Blauw Bloesem Serviesset 20-delig ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 345,00
Blauw Vouw servies ontworpen door Romy Kühne voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Romy Kühne

The ceramic traditions of Asia and The Netherlands are inseparably connected with each other. To honour this link, Romy Kühne designed the tableware set 'Blauw Vouw' (Blue Fold). A surprise meeting of the Asian folding art Origami and the Dutch Delft blue. The set contains three plates and three bowls.

“It was my wish to create tableware that is mostly white, with Delft blue details. A clean design fitting to the modern time. The decoration is based on traditional Delft blue patterns, and is concentrated on one side. It creates a connection with the folded part. The twigs are a Delft blue variety of the Japanese cherry blossom decoration.”

Tableware with character

Romy created tableware based on flat, folded paper patterns, which she moulded in plaster and transformed into porcelain. The technical realisation turned out to be a big challenge. “The parts with relief have more mass than the parts without relief. For the production process this means you have to deal with differences in humidity and shrinking. Together with the Delft Heinen engineers we managed to create a design that works.” The result speaks for itself: tableware with character, fitting to today.

Blauw Vouw

Blauw Vouw Koffiekop ontworpen door Romy Kuhne Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 8,95
Blauw Vouw multibordje ontworpen door Romy Kuhne Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 8,95
Blauw Festival servies ontworpen door Geke Lensink voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Geke Lensink

“A visual party, an ode to the meal”

Blauw Festival. That is the name of the tableware set that designer Geke Lensink made for Heinen Delft Blue. It turned out to be an exciting encounter between tough-minimalist design and traditional Delft Blue. The name was deliberately chosen: “I want to serve people a party on a plate”.

“As the name suggests, the theme of this tableware set is 'party'. All items that are on the table create this party together. It has got to do with the style and the place of the decorations on the tableware.” The different tableware items are recognized by their clear lines and minimalist style, but also by a high foot, a clean design and the thickness of the material. “All of this together creates a tough and contemporary character. The decoration has a clear purpose in its design. The traditional ornaments and the geometric shapes give the tableware its character.”

Lively merriment

Geke created Blauw Festival (Blue Festival) as the perfect carrier of a dish. As an ode to the meal. “There is a lot of energy and creativity in our food from nature and from the chef. With this tableware set I create a platform in which a meal is carried and presented. Once it is on the table, all the items of the set create a visual festivity together."

Blauw Festival

Blauw Festival Gebaksschoteltje ontworpen door Geke Lensink Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 10,00
Jacob de Baan is de ontwerper van de Blu Halo lamp

Jacob de Baan

“Blu Halo prolongs the day and works soothingly”

Jacob de Baan has a passion for light and the perception of light with the human eye. The famed designer created the lighting series Blu Halo for Heinen Delfts Blauw, inspired by white holes in the universe. There are three different sizes that are applicable for the wall as well as on the table. The Blu Halo series is available in Delft blue, Delft white and gold.

“The series signature is a round, closed shape, hollow inside and white round hole in the centre. The rounded trumpet shape creates a free spreading of the light, towards the top as well as to the bottom. You can compare this principle to the white holes in the universe, all the matter that comes near it is then shot into space. Thanks to this light effect it looks as if the lamp is floating and the lamp seems transparent. The reflection on the wall creates an eclipse effect of a sunset or a campfire.”

Pleasant design and colourful effect

The Delft Blue version has flowers and petals draped into the lamp. “Together with master-painter Wilma Plaisier of Heinen Delfts Blauw, I experimented with how far the petals should fall inwards. It creates a pleasant effect: the colour blue is intensified and the colour orange even brighter. These are complementary colours, like blue and gold. Not only does the shape create a beautiful colour spread, but also the colours of the lamp itself.”

Blu Halo

Handbeschilderde 'Blu Halo' lamp groot ontworpen door Jacob de Baan Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 1.154,30
Handbeschilderde 'Blu Halo' lamp middel ontworpen door Jacob de Baan Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 769,30
Handbeschilderde 'Blu Halo' lamp klein ontworpen door Jacob de Baan Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 489,30
Sylvain Tegroeg is de ontwerper van de vazenreeks De Blauwe Fiets

Sylvain Tegroeg

“Delft blue vases that tell the story of the bicycle”

Delft blue is part of the Dutch tradition, but so is the bicycle, especially in the eyes of the foreign visitors. This inspired the French designer Sylvain Tegroeg to create the series of vases called 'De Blauwe Fiets' (The Blue Bicycle). These are fresh and modern objects that honour the Delft blue tradition.

Sylvain Tegroeg is a Frenchman who lives and works in Amsterdam. Tegroeg is a multidisciplinary designer that creates product designs, but also illustrations. Both of his specialities come together in the series of vases 'De Blauwe Fiets'. “With these vases I hope to add something new to the Heinen Delft Blue collection. My idea behind the collection is to bring the Delft blue back to our time, while honouring its long tradition in regards to colour choices and the craftwork involved.”

De Blauwe Fiets

De Blauwe Fiets nr 1 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 24,95
De Blauwe Fiets nr 2 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 29,95
De Blauwe Fiets nr 3 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 34,95
Tabernacle een creatie van Marcel Wander voor Homo Faber

Marcel Wanders

"This piece shows the powerful nature of clay and the originality of its design"

Traditionally, a Tabernacle is a miniaturized object with a visible interior space, with a horizontal or vertical opening and a light source designed to contain something precious. Tabernacle (2018) is born out of the collaboration between Marcel Wanders’ sculpting and Wilma Plaisier’s Delft Blue painting and reinterprets this typology in a contemporary way.

Tabernacle shows the powerful nature of clay and the originality of its design. The artwork is freehand sculpted by Wanders and decorated by mater painter Wilma Plaisier of Heinen Delft Blue. Tabernacle got its finished look when oven burned and fired. Its masculine shape is transformed into a more elegant, feminine piece that extends a flowery, friendly touch. "Delft blue is important to me because it is part of my nation, it is my team. It's my aunt and uncles that have made this for hundreds of years. It is my culture that I can embrace", Wanders says about his design.

In 2018 Tabernacle was on display on the very first edition of Homo Faber in Venice. This new cultural movement aims to celebrate and support European master artisans handcrafting objects of true excellence. Homo Faber is organised by the Michelangelo Foundation. 

Heinen Delfts Blauw op Masterly The Hague

Heiko Balster & Merlijne Marell

Merlijne Marell, ontwerper van de illustraties op het kaststel voor Masterly Den Haag:

“De kringloop van het leven, eten én gegeten worden, daar is ons werk door geïnspireerd”

“Het kaststel is een ontwerp van ruimtelijk vormgever Heiko Balster en hij heeft mij gevraagd om de illustraties te maken”, legt Merlijne uit. “Van Masterly Den Haag kregen wij een kunstwerk toegewezen waardoor we ons moesten laten inspireren. Dit was een dramatisch schilderij, een soort stilleven over de jacht, met dode fazanten en trossen druiven. Dat zette ons aan het denken: voedsel, waar komt het vandaan en waar dient het voor.” Het resultaat is een driedelig kaststel met als thema de kringloop van het leven. “Bij het horen van de opdracht dacht Heiko meteen aan het maken van een ‘royal gift’ waarbij het klassieke Delfts blauwe kaststel naar voren kwam. Hier heeft hij een eigentijdse versie van gemaakt.”

Richard Hutten ontwerper Delfts blauw collectie Nieuw Blauw

Richard Hutten

The Delft blue artwork Stapel Blauw, created by Richard Hutten for Heinen Delfts Blauw, stands out because of its size (1,5 meter high) and bold design. It is constructed out of six loose objects (that can also be purchased individually) each with their own shape, mood and story. Together they form a stunning piece of modern design.

“Stapel Blauw (Blue Stack) is a layered design in which every separate object has its own story and all of these stories come together in the complete design. Heinen Delft Blue asked me to work with the theme 'farm'. As a boy I used to visit the dairy farms of my uncles. This gave me the idea to style a 65 cm high milk can as the basis for Stapel Blauw. I have applied all the features, such as the handles of the milk can lid. I chose a large picture of a tulip from the Rijksmuseum collection.”

“On top you can see a distilled shape of the milk sieve, followed by a modern cylindrical shaped object with ceramic udders that appear when you lift up the object. This creates a funny surprise effect. There is also a dark blue, abstract field flower. When you lift the flower, it looks as if the paint drips from underneath it. Above the field flower you see a modern day variety of the 17th century tulip vase. The decoration is very traditional. And of course there's the ball shape, with lines of different shades of Delft blue. It is an ode to the designer Andries Copier. He was the one who invented the ball as the ultimate shape for a vase. This design reappears in the new series of ball vases by Heinen Delft Blue. The lines are all on the same level, which creates a continuous landscape.”

Richard Hutten is enthusiastic about the chance he was given to create Stapel Blauw. “The best assignments are the ones I have never done before. It gives me a chance to do research and play with ideas. It was a real struggle to create this design. It was a fight between creating an interesting and logical image, technical possibilities, enough stability and unity versus diversity.”

Richard Hutten is one of the most influential and successful Dutch designers. He is well known for his conceptual and playful designs. He is constantly searching for ways to push the boundaries of design. Hutten works for prominent customers worldwide and his work appears in numerous museums.


Nieuw Blauw

Handbeschilderde 'Nieuw Blauw' Buikvaasje ontworpen door Richard Hutten Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 79,00
Handbeschilderde 'Nieuw Blauw' Bolvaas ontworpen door Richard Hutten Heinen Delfts Blauw
Not available
€ 219,00
Handbeschilderde Bonbonniere "Nieuw Blauw" collectie ontworpen door Richard Hutten Heinen Delfts Blauw
€ 179,00