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Blauw Bloesem dip - snack

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- Only online available - Make the most of spending more time at home with this complete Blauw Bloesem dip - snack package. In this gift package you find a dip bowl and a bread and butter plate from the Blauw Bloesem collection by designer Debbie Wijskamp for Heinen Delfts Blauw. According to the designer there is a lot of beauty hidden in imperfection, which is the inspiration for the tableware collection Blauw Bloesem. Her tableware is recognisable by the classic round shapes and the soft lines. "Normally you find large decorations on Delft blue plates, but I wanted to take small details out if it and add them to the edge of the plate. When you display your food on the plate, you place this in the middle of the plate and you can still fully admire the decoration of the plate." Cut the delicious piece of quality cheese in small cubes, spread them out on the plate and serve the included mustard dille in the dip bowl. Now all you need is a good glass of wine to make your snack - dip moment complete. THE CHEESE IS VACUUMED SEALED AND WILL LAST OUTSIDE THE FRIDGE FOR TWO WEEKS.
Articlenumber : GP021.
Weight : 1300 gram .

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