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Delfts Blauw - Blauw Festival Yoghurt Bowl
Delfts Blauw - Blauw Festival Yoghurt Bowl

Blauw Festival Yoghurt Bowl

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article description
Geke Lensink's designs are recognized as tough-looking objects with a minimalist character. She created Blauw Festival (Blue Festival) as the perfect carrier of a dish. As an ode to the meal. "There is a lot of energy and creativity in our food from nature and from the chef. With this tableware set I create a platform in which a meal is carried and presented. Once it is on the table, all the items of the set create a visual festivity together. Together these items form a lively landscape, created by the design. The Delft Blue ornaments create circles on the set table. And when the bowls, plates and cups get passed around those circles create a lively sense of merriment."
Articlenumber : TW101001.
Size: ø 16 cm H 4 cm.
Weight : 400 gram .

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