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Christmas bauble DIY set

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€ 14,95 incl. VAT
Make your own personalized Delft blue Christmas bauble. In this set you will receive a Christmas ball that can be personalized and a porcelain marker so you can provide the ball with a beautiful memory. We have already partly provided the ball with beautiful Delft blue flowers. Will you finish it? INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Get your bauble and a porcelain marker. 2. Clean the bauble with ammonia or rubbing alcohol. 3. Write your text on the Christmas ball, try to touch the ball as little as possible. If the text contains a mistake or you want to erase your text, start again at step 2. Is the bauble perfect? 4. Place the bauble in the oven and bake at 160 degrees (320 F) for 25 minutes.
SKU: D0771S
Size: Ø 7 cm
Brand: Heinen Souvenirs
Process: Transfer
Weight: 70 gr.
Material: Keramiek
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