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Heinen Delfts Blauw
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Dinner set Paauw

Product description
This tableware is named after our pottery in Delft "Paauw' the Delft Bleu Factory. The male peacock (Paauw) is known for its extravagant plumage and eye-spotted tail. This plumage is beautifully translated on this tableware. De Pauw dinner set contains the following products: • 4 dinner plates (27 cm) • 4 pasta plates (20,5 cm, height 5 cm) • 4 yoghurt bowls (14 cm, height 5,5 cm) • salt and pepper set (5 cm, height 8 cm). The Peacock with its special motif in the tail feathers has been used for hundreds of years on expensive fabrics and in jewelry. This is due to the beauty of this ornamental bird, but also because there are ancient folk tales in which peacocks are a symbol of love and that finding a peacock feather is said to bring good luck. The peacock blue has become an iconic color and fits beautifully with the worldwide known Delft blue color. A tableware decorated with graceful peacocks, in beautiful Delft blue tones with green details. A collection in which royal allure, love and happiness come together, something we also like to see at the dining table. THIS TABLEWARE IS DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE AND OVEN SAFE.
SKU: D0786
Brand: Heinen Home
Process: Transfer
Weight: 6508 gr.
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