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Shipping rates

Below you can find the shipping rates for the most common countries. We ship worldwide. If your country is not stated below and you want to know the shipping rates please contact us. The exact shipping rates will appear once you filled out the shipping address.

Also mind that when we ship a parcel outside Europe the VAT will be deducted, but you have to pay the local VAT upon reception of the parcel.


Australië from €35,80

Canada from €33,70

China from €34,90

Japan from €34,90

New Zealand from €34,90

Singapore from €34,90

Verenigde Staten from €36,25

Verenigd Koninkrijk from €20,80

Zwitserland from €31,05

Within Europa:

België from €7,54

Duitsland from €19,75

Frankrijk from €21,10

Italië from €21,10

Oostenrijk from €21,10

Spanje from €21,10


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