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A special Delft blue december

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Shoe gifts: from Sinterklaas for you!

If you are still looking for nice shoe gifts for Sinterklaas, come and have a look at the nicest Delft blue warehouse in the country. Here you will find the most beautiful and surprising shoe gifts for grown ups. From nice tea mugs and dried flower houses, to beautiful vases and tableware sets. Put your favorite items directly on your wish list! What do you want to get from the Sint?


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Heinen Delfts Blauw winkel op het Muntplein Amsterdam

Visit our Concept stores for the ultimate experience

Delft blue takes on a completely new dimension when you walk into one of our Concept stores. Discover all of our unique products, follow a painting workshop and turn it into a fun day trip! There are two Concept stores: in Amsterdam and Delft. You can also visit one of our other stores throughout the Netherlands. Where are you coming to visit us?

Ancient art with a new look

Four hundred years ago, the first 'blue-on-white' porcelain reached the Dutch quays over raging waves and with fully loaded ships. Clever traders obtained this pottery from the imperial porcelain cities in Asia. It was so popular that creative Dutchmen came up with their own version of this Chinese porcelain. Delft blue pottery was born. For hundreds of years, the special art of painting has been passed on from master painter to student. Heinen Delft Blue is now one of the largest producers in the world, but we are much more than just Delft Blue. We develop modern interior collections that are inspired by traditional Delft blue, but are no longer recognized as such. Find out for yourself! Take a look behind the scenes and discover the world of Heinen Delft Blue.


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Blauw Bloesem Servies Dipschaaltje ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp Heinen Delfts Blauw

Debbie Wijskamp, ​​the designer of Blauw Bloesem, always likes to look for the possibilities of the material. “I work a lot with natural materials and textures. Blauw Bloesem is inspired by age-old crockery and excavated pottery. The beauty of the perishable and imperfections.

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Wandborden aan de muur Bloemen stilleven, Vlinders, Melkmeisje Heinen Delfts Blauw

At Heinen Delfts Blauw we create the traditional wall plates with lush flowers and Dutch landscapes with windmills and sailing boats, but we also create new modern designs.

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Delicious scents add another dimension to your home. That is why we have developed a new collection of home perfumes and hand care. The luxurious scents stimulate the senses and bring the traditional pottery bakeries, the fresh white porcelain and the sultry paintings to life. 
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For this exclusive handmade Delft blue collection Jorrit put his paint brushes aside ans start blowing bubbles.
For this exclusive handmade Delft blue collection Jorrit put his paint brushes aside and he explored new painting techniques, such as: blowing bubbles.
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The story of Heinen

“Together with my father Jaap, I started to paint pottery as a hobby in a small studio, which eventually led to the creation of Heinen Delfts Blauw. We are now one of the best-known manufacturers of Delft Blue pottery. Via the small studio in the center of Amsterdam, I eventually led the family business to a future in which we gained international fame. With locations in the Netherlands, Asia and Central America, we are continuing the company's growth. This fits in with my vision for the future, where Heinen Delft Blue is slowly spreading an increasingly larger Delft Blue stain across the globe.”