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Delfts blauwe vazen  van Heinen Delfts Blauw op Trendz

Heinen Delft Blue at the PTA souvenir fair

Written by Martijn On

Visit Heinen Delft Blue at the souvenir fair in the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam, PTA. Admire our new collection Delft blue vases and other souvenirs with a modern twist from sunday the 5th till tuesday the 7th of January. 

Our stand is beautifully decorated with our newest Delft blue products, with our new collection Delft blue vases being the guest of honour. The real eye-catcher is of course the largest Delft blue vase in the world! The large vase is over 3 meters high and was revealed to the world at our Delft blue factory PAAUW in Delft. The vase is decorated with a large painting of a ship used by the East Indian Tradgin company in the Golden Age, and is completely hand painted. The painting refers to the history of the porcelain trade and the merchant ships that brought the first 'blue on white' porcelain vases to The Netherlands.

This is also the theme of our stand this year. Our newest collection of Delft blue vases are presented in old treasure chests, the wall is decorated with a large Delft blue ship and you will find miniature ships and canons spread out across the stand. Besides our new colelction of Delft blue vases we also present our souvenir collection. You will discover that they are worldwide popular souvenirs with a modern twist, based on our slogan "creating new traditions".

The souvenir fair in the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam, PTA, can be visited from January 5th till the 7th. 


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