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Trendy jewellery with a Delft blue touch!

Written by Martijn On

Heinen Delfts Blauw produces, in addition to the traditional vases, plates and tiles, beautiful jewellery. Recently we released a whole new series that more responds to the fashion and trends of today.

Quirine is responsible for the production of all jewellery. Besides coordinating production, she also regularly designs new designs that are in line with current fashion trends.

Quirine gets her inspiration from the jewellery she sees people wearing every day and gives these items a Delft blue twist.

We make different jewellery for every occasion. There are jewellery with many Delft blue beads, but also jewelry with trendy colors.

All jewellery is manufactured in our factory in the Netherlands.

Because we have in-house design and production, we can quickly switch and respond to the latest trends. We can also deliver tailor-made orders on demand.


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