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National celebration Curaçao!

Written by Martijn On

The island of Curaçao celebrates its independance on October 10th! The perfect moment to celebrate our Heinen Delft Blue store at Curaçao, because they exist exactly five years. A double reason to celebrate! 

Exactly five years ago Heinen Delft Blue took its first steps outside the Dutch borders and started a Delft blue shop at Curaçao. This sunny island attracts many tourists each year, especially American cruises like to stop here, and they love our typical Dutch Delft blue products. When we got the oppertunity to start a shop here, right in the middle of the walking path between the cruise ships and Willemstad, we took it. Thanks to our enthousiastic staff it turned out to be a good move.

Curaçao is an independent country since October 10th 2010 and every year they celebrate in style! The Heinen Delft Blue shop at Curaçao sells the same collection as our Dutch shops, but of course we also created a unique collection just for them. The atmosphere at this island is so different compared to The Netherlands, people enjoy the sunshine all year long and take life a lot easier, so they deserve their own products. We tried to combine the traditional Delft blue style with the tropical character of Curaçao. This resulted in a sunny collection that brings happiness to every home! 

On the Day of Curaçao our shop is opened from 9 till 4.30.


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