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Written by Marita On

A personal request

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It is a day where you are surrounded by your loved ones and where you and your partner are at the center of it all. Special moments and memories that are all captured in photographs.

You can make this day even more special. By having a decorative item in your home that captures the essence of your wedding day. A unique design that brings you back to that unforgettable day. When our master painter heard about the idea, she started sketching straight away. In this article we show you exactly which steps we follow to transform your idea into a finished end result.

Digital design

When we receive your request we start by making a digital sketch. That way we can give you an idea of the design, while we can still make adjustments to meet your wishes. We continue this step until you are completely happy with the end result of the design.

In the case of this wedding plate we first made a design based on the wedding invitation of the happy couple. They created their wedding around a special theme: enchanted forest. That is why we kept that in the back of our mind while designing this plate. That is the amazing thing about Delft blue; even if it is just one or two colors, you can still achieve a lot when it comes to look and feel of the design.

The theme ‘Enchanted Forest’ made us decide to also add some green hues to go with the traditional Delft blue color. By using multiple layers of paint we create the depth effect.

Creating and finishing a customized product

Once the digital design is approved it is time to start with the making of the plate. We start with a pencil sketch on the plate, just so that the lines are clear and match the digital design. Once the outlines are drawn onto the plate, it is time for the master painter to pick up the paintbrushes.

Depending on the size of the design and the amount of details, we give a time estimate. When the master painter is finished painting, we need to glaze and fire the product. This is when the paint changes from the color black to the famous Delft blue color. The white glazing transforms into a crystal clear and rock hard protective layer and gives the plate a beautiful polished look.

Safe delivery with high quality wrapping

When the item is finished we send a photo to the customer. Is everything correct and according to your wishes? Than we wrap the item carefully in our warehouse and we make sure it gets delivered safely to your address. By using enough bubblewrap and strong cardboard, nothing can happen to it along the way from our workshop to your hands.

Are you also looking for a special customized product?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to brainstorm with you about the possibilities to create a special item with a story for you. We are just as happy to create your business or promotional gifts. Share your ideas with us and who knows, you might be the next proud owner of a quality handmade product with a unique story.

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