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Stapel Blauw vase

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article description
Groundbreaking modern design by designer Richard Hutten. The Delft Blue art object Stapel Blauw, designed by Richard Hutten for Heinen Delfts Blauw, stands out for its size (1.5 meters high) and its challenging design. It consists of six separate objects, each with its own form, atmosphere and story. Together they form a stunning example of modern design. "Stapel Blauw is a layered design where each part object tells its own story and all those stories come together in the total design. Heinen Delfts Blauw asked me to get started with the theme 'farm'. As a boy, I regularly walked around on the dairy farms of my uncles. This gave me the idea to style a 65 cm high milk can as the basis for the Stapel Blue. I applied all the features, such as the handles of the milk can lid. I chose a large image of a tulip from the Rijksmuseum collection. " "On top of that there is a stylized form of the milk sieve, followed by a modern, cylindrical object with ceramic udders that appear when you lift the object out. That creates a funny surprise effect. There is an abstract, dark blue field flower resting on it. If you lift it, the paint seems to drip out. A contemporary variation of the 17th-century tulip vase is displayed above the field flower. The decoration is traditional. The spherical shape is shining on top, with lines of various shades of Delft blue. This design also returns in the new series 'New Blue' by Heinen Delfts Blauw. The lines are at the same height, which creates a continuous landscape. "
Articlenumber : SB1000.
Size: 150 cm.
Weight : 35000 gram .

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