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Stapelgekte Marblue middle

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Give your tripartite tulip vase a complete new look with this middle part from our Marblue collection by Heinen Delfts Blauw. Delivery 2-4 weeks. This middle part matches with all the different parts from the Stapelgekte collectie, with which you can create over 5000+ unique tulip vases. Combine it with a top and a bottom part of your choice. Marble is often used to give a building or a space a luxurious look, so you often find it in palaces, churches, or at home in the kitchen or the bathroom. This part looks as if it is made out of marble. The veins have a Delft blue color and are finding their way across the entire surface. Other than you might think, this vase part is entirely painted by hand and each and every line was applied by the master painter of Heinen Delfts Blauw. As a finishing touch she added some gold veins too. The painter is specialized in imitating marble, a very specific technique that was invented in the Far East. Marble is a very expensive stone, so they were looking for ways to imitate the marble look. This painting technique found its way to The Netherlands in the 17th century. The Marblue collection is a combination of two crafts; imitating marble and Delft blue painting.
SKU: MM3261-2
Size: H 10 cm, W 13 cm, L 13 cm
Brand: Heinen Design
Process: Handpainted
Weight: 520 gr.
Material: Ceramics
Category: Tulip vases
Collection: Marblue
Designer: Isa Lagendijk
Theme: Graphic
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