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Behind the scenes... ceramic technician

Making Delft blue pottery is a process that has hardly changed in the past four hundred years. Come and take a look inside the Heinen Delfts Blauw factory where Delft blue pottery is still made in an authentic way. Follow our ceramic specialists step by step and discover how many people have handled a Delft blue vase before it reaches the store.

Cheerful vases with birds

Autumn, falling leaves, birds preparing for winter time... they unmistakably belong together! The early, enchanting evening concert of countless birds that live in our trees, on our roofs and in the gardens let us know: the days are getting shorter and autumn is coming! Our vases with birds depict the most recognizable birds in beautiful autumn colours, so you can put a beautiful autumn bouquet on the table.

Home decor trends Fall 2023: bring nature inside!

Wave the summer goodbye with its sweltering temperatures and welcome autumn with open arms. The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping gently, so we are increasingly seeking the comfort of our homes. The home decor trends for Fall 2023 show that we do not want to say goodbye to the outdoors. The latest home accessories are aimed at bringing the soothing effect of nature into your home. Lush flowers, lots of greenery, birds in flight, raw materials and even a small revival of the "funky 70s".

Enjoy long summer nights with Avondbloem tableware

Enjoy sultry, long summer evenings with delicious food, good company and beautiful tableware. Avondbloem is a tableware collection with a minimalist design and a tranquil design. The lush flowers have the color of Delft blue paint before it goes into the oven. The black and gray tones are complemented by gold accents and are reminiscent of a flower garden when the night falls.

Top 10 trending Delft blue products!

This is the top 10 trending Delft blue products of this summer! With a constantly growing collection Delft blue products, it can be hard to pick your favorite ones. Don't worry, these are the ten trendy items of the moment according to our customers.

Barbie: all shades of pink in your home!

Barbie is back! This nostalgic icon now even has her own movie, but we also see her make believe world flow from the big screen into our homes. Think of the pink shades of candyfloss, marshmallows and candy canes. This rainbow of pink is garanteed to make you feel warm, snuggly and surrounded by a reassuring safety of a Barbie Dreamhouse.

Mat zwarte tulpenvazen met bloemen Heinen Delfts Blauw

Black vases for stylish flower arrangements

A black vase is incredibly versatile. It combines beautifully with every other color and manages to create that industrial, modern style while always staying classy and timeless. This is why you need more black vases in your home!

Make Slow Coffee with Heinen Delfts Blauw

Put your ever buzzing phone away, close your laptop and open your kitchen cupboard to reach for the coffee beans. It is time for a delicious pot of slooooowww coffeeeee. With the new drip filters by Heinen Delfts Blauw we get rid of the stressed way of living and we go back to the very calm and slow basics of: making coffee.

Top 10 most popular Delft blue products!

Modern varieties of the traditional Delft blue porcelain is increasing in popularity. A whiff of Old Dutch glamour with accents of modern day techniques, melting together in unique craftwork. This is our top 10 of most loved Delft blue products, according to you!

Complete your tableware set!

Complete your tableware set with these beautiful new Delft blue items! You don't want to miss these in your kitchen. Our popular Blauw Bloesem and Blauw Vouw collections are expanded with new, handy tableware items. 

Special gifts for Mother's Day

It is almost time for Mother's Day! Which means: time to get your gifts ready to spoil your beloved mother. We make the process very easy for you, as we have selected the best gifts for different types of moms.

Shop with discount this Easter!

Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, we are going to find some Heinen Delfts Blauw items with a 5% discount! Easter is a time of the year associated with colors, sunshine and tulips. It comes as no surprise that we see a lot of pastel colors popping up everywhere. Also in our collection! We have selected the most colorful vases, wall plates with tropical birds and other decorative items from our collection and gave them a special Easter discount. Go ahead and fill that Easter basket!