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Designed in Holland
Heinen Delfts Blauw
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Mark: 9,5

Blauw Vouw Cappuccino mug set of 4

Product description
In this Blauw Vouw cappuccino package you find four cappuccino cups from the Blauw Vouw collection. The cup rests comfortably in the hand because it doesn't have a handle, and by embracing the cup with both hands you create a sense of warmth, peace and relaxation. This tableware by Romy Kuhne for Heinen Delfts Blauw was inspired by the Japanese folding art Origami, because the ceramic traditions of Asia and The Netherlands are intertwined. The work by Romy is recognizable by the geometric shapes and attention for old crafts. “In a time where mass production and fast techniques are dominating the world of design, I want to slow down and honour the art of crafts.” THIS TABLEWARE IS DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE AND OVEN SAFE.
SKU: TW303003S4
Size: H 12 cm, Ø 7,5 cm
Brand: Heinen Home
Process: Transfer
Weight: 1080 gr.
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