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Cheerful vases with birds

Written by Annette O'Shea On
Autumn, falling leaves, birds preparing for winter time... they unmistakably belong together! The early, enchanting evening concert of countless birds that live in our trees, on our roofs and in the gardens let us know: the days are getting shorter and autumn is coming! Our vases with birds depict the most recognizable birds in beautiful autumn colours, so you can put a beautiful autumn bouquet on the table.

Vase with colorful birds

Birds and Heinen Delft Blue have been fluttering around each other for years. In addition to lush flowers and windmills, birds are the most frequently painted subject on Delft blue pottery. The vases with birds on them from the modern Home & Living collection are richly decorated with birds that you normally encounter here in the Netherlands. Whether during a fresh walk in the woods or when you are enjoying the sun at home in the garden. The robins, sparrows and great tits are nestled together on a branch that runs around the entire vase. This way, there is always a different bird in the center, no matter from which angle you view the vase with birds.

€ 39,95
€ 39,95
€ 109,-

Van Gogh vase with birds

Another nice vase with birds is the cylinder vase with the well-known painting Almond Blossom. Van Gogh painted this masterpiece in 1890, but the winding branches with white blossoms that contrast beautifully against a deep blue sky, are a popular gathering place for our forest birds. We added the birds to the vase because their curious looks bring the artwork even more to life. This is a wonderfully cheerful flower vase with birds on it that you just can't get enough of. This vase with birds on the edge also combines nicely with the matching wall circle.

Hand-painted vase with birds

For those who are looking for something really special, we also have hand-painted vases with birds on them. These vases are decorated from top to bottom by the master painter of Heinen Delfts Blauw. Classic Delft blue vases often depict very graceful birds, such as pheasants or peacocks. Such vases with birds have been made to impress for many years. Of course, these hand-painted vases with birds on them are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes, because they are made entirely by hand and can therefore be adjusted to the customer's wishes.

Handbeschilderde met de hand gedraaide vaas met pauwmotief en bloemmotief van Heinen Delfts Blauw
2-4 weeks delivery time
€ 699,-
€ 1.149,-

Modern vases with birds

In addition to our classic vases with birds, we also have very modern vases with birds on them. For example, artist Loes van Delft has designed a very cool three-piece tulip vase with birds on it in her characteristic cartoon style. The adorable birds flutter around the pyramid vase, with their thick eyebrows and childlike expression. A nice vase with birds for those who want to put something unique on the table. The tulip vase with birds by Loes van Delft is part of our Stapelgekte collection and can therefore also be combined with other colors and designs.

€ 21,-
€ 32,-
€ 46,95

Vases and wall plates with birds

Complete the style by combining the vases with birds on them with matching wall plates or mugs. We have also depicted the same colorful forest birds that appear on our vases on nice mugs, decorative wall plates and even Christmas baubles. Thanks to the detailed paintings, you can now enjoy these beautiful animals every moment of the day, without them flying away in fright.

€ 39,95
€ 52,95
€ 84,50

History birds on vases

Vases with birds on them have been popular for centuries. Especially in China, the bird is a popular symbol to depict on a porcelain vase. For example, a vase used to be richly decorated with birds to wish the recipient a happy marriage. The bird also stood on a vase for wealth and success. For example, the crane is a popular image that represents peace and happiness, while the magpie represents prosperity. Give someone a gift with extra meaning by donating a vase with birds. In the Netherlands, the robin symbolizes hope, the pigeon for peace, the house sparrow for productivity and the great tit is there as a reminder not to get lost in your worries but to keep your energy high.

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