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Handbeschilderde 3-delige tulpenvaas met bloemmotief Heinen Delfts Blauw

The world of Heinen

Revive your interior this spring!

Heinen Delfts Blauw new spring collection revolves around the theme "Spring Full of Life". Budding nature, animals being born and vivid colors are the inspiration for this delightful, vibrant collection of home decorations. Bring your interior out of hibernation and bring a spring full of life inside.

Milk churn vase: rustic nostalgia on the table

The nostalgic milk churn makes a nice model for a brand new flower vase, in which you can put a large bouquet of meadow flowers. A piece of old Dutch charm for the kitchen table. The shape of the vase is instantly recognizable as a milk churn, but we left out the lid and handles to give the milk churn vase a modern look. The result is a sturdy vase of a large size, but with a nostalgic and charming warmth.

A grand Christmas dinner!

Pull out all the stops for Christmas dinner this winter. We're leaving the whole 'less is more' belief behind us, because we're making it the Christmasiest Christmas we've ever had. Green and red Christmas decorations, Delft blue tableware and food and drinks in abundance. This way you can enjoy the biggest meal of the season even more!

Shoe gifts: from Sinterklaas for you!

If you are still looking for nice shoe gifts for Sinterklaas, come and have a look at the nicest Delft blue warehouse in the country. Here you will find the most beautiful and surprising shoe gifts for grown ups. From nice tea mugs and dried flower houses, to beautiful vases and tableware sets. Put your favorite items directly on your wish list! What do you want to get from the Sint?

Top 10 best sellers of this month!

Autumn has really started and in our stores we notice that you want to make it cozy at home. This is the top 10 most popular products from our collection of the past month. Shop them while you can, because they are selling very quickly or get inspiration for your wish list for Sinterklaas. Before you know it, he will be at your door again!

A Delft blue Christmas 2023!

On to the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas 2023! It sometimes seems so far away, but Christmas decorations are flying out of our stores already. Delft blue Christmas baubles, porcelain Christmas pendants, nice Christmas figures for the Christmas tree... they are indispensable! Take a look at this year's cozy Christmas trends and the nicest Delft blue Christmas ornaments that will make you very happy this winter period.

Tulip vase white: snow white beauty!

There used to be 'tulip mania', nowadays there is tulip vase mania. While people once gave their homes and hearths for a very expensive tulip bulb, it is now mainly the tulip vases that are more valuable than the tulip itself. The three-piece white tulip vase is our snow-white beauty that stands head and shoulders above the other vases in terms of popularity.

Discover the beauty of a pure white tulip vase and why you want to have this timeless classic in your home!

Home decor trends Fall 2023

Wave the summer goodbye with its sweltering temperatures and welcome autumn with open arms. The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping gently, so we are increasingly seeking the comfort of our homes. The home decor trends for Fall 2023 show that we do not want to say goodbye to the outdoors. The latest home accessories are aimed at bringing the soothing effect of nature into your home. Lush flowers, lots of greenery, birds in flight, raw materials and even a small revival of the "funky 70s".

Enjoy long summer nights with Avondbloem tableware

Enjoy the sultry, long late summer evenings with delicious food, good company and attractive crockery. Evening flower is a dinnerware collection with a minimalist design and a tranquil design. The lush flowers have the color of Delft blue paint before it goes into the oven. The black and gray tones are complemented by gold accents and are reminiscent of a flower garden when the night falls.

Explore how you can decorate the outdoor dining table in a beautiful setting, with all the crockery you could possibly need, so that you get to enjoy the evening without interruption, until the stars appear in the sky.

Shop our bestsellers!

Modern varieties of the traditional Delft blue porcelain is increasing in popularity. A whiff of Old Dutch glamour with accents of modern day techniques, melting together in unique craftwork. This is our top 10 of most loved Delft blue products, according to you!

Which Delft blue products from our top 10 do you have at home? You can always save them in your favorites when you make a personal profile at our website, that way you can keep them for a special moment. Like your birthday!

Barbie: all shades of pink in your home!

Barbie is back! This nostalgic icon now even has her own movie, but we also see her make believe world flow from the big screen into our homes. Think of the pink shades of candyfloss, marshmallows and candy canes. This rainbow of pink is guaranteed to make you feel warm, snuggly and surrounded by a reassuring safety of a Barbie Dreamhouse.

Make your own Slow Coffee

Enjoy your own, homemade slow coffee. Thanks to the new coffee tableware set by Heinen Delfts Blauw you brew the tastiest coffee at home. First grind your favorite blend of coffee beans and boil some water and then its time to bring out one of our porcelain coffee pots with a pour over filter. Enjoy the slowly brewed coffee in a large mug with ear and savor that first sip.

Make your coffee moment even better by adding a milk jug and a sugar bowl to your collection. Or what about a handy cake plate for a delicious piece of pie.

Tulip vases arrangements

When tulip season begins, the tulip vases fly off our shelves. These stunning tulip vases by Heinen Delfts Blauw are available in a wide range of size, shape and design. They are so popular because they give the fragile tulip the support it needs. As a result the flower stays fresh and beautiful for a longer time. 

Which tulip vase deserves a spot in your home? A modern cylinder shaped tulip vase in a trendy matte color, a fan shaped tulip vase decorated with cheeky monkeys or do you prefer the traditional pyramid vase that has three different layers?

Blauw Vouw set van 3 kleine vaasjes met verse bloemen in een interieur ontworpen door Romy Kuhne voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Interior inspiration

The Heinen Delfts Blauw collections are perfect to combine with each other and to integrate into your interior. But where do you start? Let us take you on a journey through all our collections and product categories and we will show you how you can style your living space with the quality products by Heinen Delfts Blauw.

Are you someone who prefers the classic, elegant look or do you prefer to add a splash of colour to your home? Have a look at wide range of products and pick the style that suits you best! Be inspired and get creative.

Gedekte tafel met delfts blauw Servies Oranje Tulp Heinen Delfts Blauw

Delft blue tableware

With a festive tableware set every dinner becomes a celebration! It impresses your table guests when you set a beautiful table and food always tastes better when eaten of a beautiful plate and in good company.

Do you want to put together you own tableware set? Have a look at our different collections and pick your favourite style. Modern, elegant or traditional Delft blue like our Orange Tulip tableware set? Anything is possible.

Handgeschilderde koe en hert van Heinen Delfts Blauw

Delft blue wall plates

The most beautiful wall plates you find at Heinen Delfts Blauw. Wall plates used to be a very traditional Dutch decoration piece, but we have added many more trends to the collection with bold colours and trendy prints. No matter what your interior style is, there is always a matching wall plate (or mix) for you.

We have wall plates in different sizes and shapes. We have wall plates that are more flat or have a scalloped edge, or we have wall plates with a gold coloured rim with a more smooth edge. The plates on the wall are a real eye-catcher and you can combine them endlessly.

All wall plates are divided into differenet collections. Our master painters keep creating new collections all the time, so we highlight a few of their latest work. Pick your favourites and turn your house into a cosy home.