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Designers & Heinen Delfts Blauw

Victor de Bie

Foudamour collection candlesticks with character by artist Victor de Bie:

“When you light a candle for someone, you think of what that person needs right now. That is exactly the purpose of the Foudamour collection.”

The remarkable candlesticks by Victor de Bie have their own personalities. In a touching way they bring childlike lightness into the world, but at the same time these ‘love fools’ also remind us that every human being has a superpower. These handmade candlesticks, made with love by Heinen Delfts Blauw, awaken these superpowers.

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

De Blauwe Dodo collection by artist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

“When creating my artwork, I am often inspired by old stories, old books, historical objects and impressions I get from travelling. The dodo has long played a role in my work. In my experience, this extinct bird lives on as a time traveler. This is how I keep his memory alive.”

De Blauwe Dodo is a collection of ornamental objects designed as a tribute to the extinct dodo. In this artwork, Pepijn tells the story of the history of Delft blue pottery, which is indirectly linked to the tragic end of this legendary bird.

Boris van Berkum

Kabra Blauw collection by artist Boris van Berkum:

“In the Afro-Surinamese winti culture, the colors blue and white represent the Kabra, the ancestors. Delft blue has been a traditional Dutch product since the 17th century. What happens when we bring those two traditions together in one showpiece? Will there be such a thing as Kabra Blauw?”

Kabra Blauw is a collection of decorative objects designed to breathe new life into the African statue tradition. Boris van Berkum designed the objects, which were then produced by Heinen Delfts Blauw. The Kabra Blauw salt shaker has been named as the keepsake of the Commemoration Year of the Dutch Slavery Past 2023-2024.

Loes van Delft

Wall plates & Stapelgekte vases by artist Loes van Delft:

"I want to bring fun, happiness and color into people's lives."

The endearing cartoon style artwork of Loes van Delft is charming and a little bit cheeky. Her most popular character is called 'Pjipje'. Pjipje has one large eye and one smaller eye and is even seen on the back of Justin Bieber's jacket. Loes is a very intuitive artist, who lets her feeling guide her while designing her collection for Heinen Delfts Blauw.

Redmer Hoekstra

Wall plates collection by visual artist Redmer Hoekstra:

“My mind floats and makes new connections between things I see and encounter. Who am I? What is my reality and to what extent do I determine what it looks like?”

His creations always come from a philosophical view of the world. For Heinen Delfts Blauw, Redmer has illustrated a series of wall plates in which his characteristic style of animals, nature and the human world is combined with recognizable products from the Heinen Delfts Blauw collection.

Janny van der Heijden

'Sharing Moments' Tulip & Monkeys collection by designer Janny van der Heijden:

'Sharing Moments is a Delft blue collection that brings people together to share moments and make new memories'.

Janny van der Heijden is a well-known celebrity. An important principle of her collection is that everything must be functional and have a beautiful appearance. In the design, Janny has ensured that all products are different and yet can be combined with each other.

Malika Novi

Vases 'Magnolia' by designer Malika Novi:

'The shape of the vase, seen from above, resembles the magnolia flower, so that's where the name comes from.'

Malika takes inspiration from the people around her, nature, art or even fashion. Her requirements for her creations: They must have an aesthetic appeal and she must want them in her own home.
From a young age Malika has a love for drawing and design. In combination with the admiration for the beauty of classic Delft blue porcelain, she designed the Magnolia vases.

'I wanted to make a vase that everyone could use to arrange flowers in different ways. At the same time, I also wanted the vase to be a cool, visually intriguing addition to an interior.'

Romy Kühne

Collection 'Blauw Vouw' by designer Romy Kühne:

'Origami meets Delft Blue'

The ceramic traditions of Asia and the Netherlands are inextricably linked. In honor of this, Romy Kühne designed the 'Blauw Vouw' collection. A surprising encounter between the Asian folding art of Origami and the Dutch Delftware.

Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie Wijskamp, designer of the Blauw Bloesem collection:

“The Beauty of the Impermanent and Imperfect”

According to designer Debbie Wijskamp, there is a lot of beauty hidden in the ephemeral and imperfect. She proves this with the Blauw Bloesem collection.

“Blauw Bloesem is inspired by age-old tableware and excavated pottery. I like it when you can see that pottery has a history and that it has been used. And I like the texture of pottery that has been underground for a long time. Especially what time does. As if you have a rough stone in your hand instead of a polished plate or cup. You can see that theme in Blauw Bloesem.”

Sylvain Tegroeg

Sylvain Tegroeg, designer of De Blauwe Fiets:

“Delft blue vases that tell the story of cycling”

Not only Delft blue is traditionally Dutch, of course that also applies to the bicycle. It inspired the French designer Sylvain Tegroeg to create the De Blauwe Fiets series. Sylvain focuses on product design and illustrations. Both specialisms come together in this vase and tableware series. “My idea was to bring the Delft blue to this time and still honor the tradition, in terms of color combinations and the artisanal manufacturing process. The decoration of the bicycles symbolizes the Netherlands. The sketchy illustration form gives the vases a fresh and modern look, which is in line with Heinen Delfts Blauw's vision: creating new traditions.”

Richard Hutten ontwerper Delfts blauw collectie Nieuw Blauw

Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten, designer of the Nieuw Blauw collection:

"The lines of this collection are all at the same height, which creates a continuous landscape"

In the search for innovation, Heinen Delfts Blauw found a collaboration with top Dutch designer Richard Hutten. This collaboration has resulted in an imposing, playful and conceptually groundbreaking art object. This resulted in the vase collection 'Nieuw Blauw'. A collection of pottery whose lines on vases of different shapes are at the same height, which ensures a continuous landscape.

Blauw Festival servies ontworpen door Geke Lensink voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Blauw Festival

Tableware 'Blauw Festival' by designer Geke Lensink:

“A visual feast, with an ode to the dish!”

All the items on the table together create a feast. The service pieces have clear lines and a minimalist design. Remarkable are the high foot rings, the sleek design and the thickness of the material. Geke designed Blauw Festival as an ode to justice. “With this tableware I create a stage on which a dish is presented. On the table, all items form a visual feast. The Delft blue ornaments make circles on the set table. And when the bowls, plates and cups go around, those circles give off a lively merriment.”

Jacob de Baan is de ontwerper van de Blu Halo lamp

Jacob de Baan

Jacob de Baan, designer of the Blu Halo lighting series:

“Blu Halo prolongs the day and has a calming effect”

Jacob de Baan has a passion for light and the perception of light through the human eye. This renowned designer designed the Blu Halo lighting series for Heinen Delfts Blauw, inspired by the white holes in the universe. The series is characterized by the round, closed shape, the hollow inner side and the white round hole in the middle. Jacob: “The rounded trumpet shape ensures a free spread of light, to both the top and the bottom. This makes the lamp seem to float and the lamp looks translucent. The reflection on the wall gives the eclipse effect of the setting sun or of a campfire.”

Handbeschilderd kast stel beschilderd door meesterschilder Wilma Plaisier ontworpen door Heiko Balster voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Heiko Balster & Merlijne Marell

Merlijne Marell, designer of the illustrations on the cabinet set for Masterly The Hague:

“The cycle of life, eating and being eaten, that's what inspired our work”

“The cabinet set is a design by spatial designer Heiko Balster and he asked me to make the illustrations,” explains Merlijne. “Masterly Den Haag assigned us a work of art that we had to be inspired by. This was a dramatic painting, a kind of still life about hunting, with dead pheasants and bunches of grapes. That got us thinking: food, where does it come from and what is it for.” The result is a three-piece cabinet set with the theme of the cycle of life. “When hearing the assignment, Heiko immediately thought of making a 'royal gift' in which the classic Delft blue garniture came to the fore. He has made a contemporary version of this.”

Tabernacle een creatie van Marcel Wander voor Homo Faber

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders, designer of Tabernacle:

"This art object shows the powerful character of clay and the originality of the design"

A tabernacle is a reduced object with a visible space inside, with a horizontal or vertical opening and a light source. Specially designed to hold something valuable. Tabernacle (2018) was born from the collaboration between designer Marcel Wanders and Delft blue master painter Wilma Plaisier. The artwork is modeled by hand by Wanders and then painted in detail by Wilma Plaisier, from Heinen Delfts Blauw. The masculine, rough shapes are given an elegant appearance by the friendly flower pattern. "Delft blue is important to me because it's part of my country, it's my team. It's my aunts and uncles who have been making this for hundreds of years. It's my culture that I can embrace," Wanders says of his design.

In 2018 Tabernacle was featured at the first edition of Homo Faber in Venice. This new cultural movement aims to support and praise masters from all over Europe, in different crafts, and is organized by the Michelangelo Foundation.

Delfts blue design

Looking for real Delft blue design products? Heinen Delfts Blauw has a wide range of products with a unique design. In collaboration with leading designers, we have been able to add various product lines to the range. In addition to these collaborations, we make hand-painted Delft blue ourselves.

Design vases

Heinen Delfts Blauw has various types of design vases available. One of those vases was designed by designer Sylvain Tegroeg. Living and working in Amsterdam, he was inspired by a typical Dutch object: the bicycle. This is how the unique bicycle vase was created. A traditional Dutch vase design to honor the tradition of Delft Blue. Produced according to the traditional manufacturing process: handicraft. Delft blue in a modern jacket. A true addition to the interior.
Richard Hutten, well-known Dutch designer, has introduced Delft Blue Stapel Blauw together with Heinen. A modern tulip vase based on parts of the farm.

Design tableware

Tableware to feast on. In collaboration with two leading designers, Heinen Delfts Blauw has been able to introduce three new tableware lines. A design with each a unique story and a hand-painted design. The Blauw Bloesem  by Debbie Wijskamp is characteristic of the imperfect. The style of 'used pottery' has emerged in the crockery. History gives a nice texture to the crockery and tells a special story. This is reflected in the plates, cups and trays. The Blauw Festival  by Geke Lensink, a contemporary design of minimalist design and traditional Delft blue. A true feast on the table. Blauw Vouw is made by Romy Kühne, based on Japanese origami with cherry blossom as decoration.

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You can choose from a very wide range of genuine Delft blue design. If you have any questions about our products or about delivery, please contact the enthusiastic and expert team of Heinen Delfts Blauw. View our range and be surprised by all those different Delft Blue plates! Order on weekdays before 3 p.m., and you will receive your order tomorrow at home! Take advantage of free shipping from €75.