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New Delft blue toiletpaper

Written by Annette O'Shea On
Let's wipe in style! The toilet rolls we designed for The Good Roll were a big success, they were sold out in no time. You don't have to wait too long, because we already launched a second edition. This time we created six complete new Delft blue designs. 

This second edition toilet rolls with a Delft blue wrapper are ready to roll and they are awesome! The Delft blue boxes of The Good Roll contain 24 high quality and 100% tree friendly toilet rolls with different Delft blue designs. This time you will find dancing mice, a cool leopard, a wise owl, a sweet rabbit, a fancy cat and a pitbull with Churchill vibes.

The remarkable personalities on our new Delft blue toilet rolls also play a part on the ceramic design products of Heinen Delfts Blauw. We even added some wise phrases this time, just to cheer you up while you are thinking about your life during those quiet 15 minutes on the toilet. In the past it was a typical Dutch habit to hang tiles with "grandma's" wise phrases on the toilet, so we brought this old tradition back to life. Just slightly different.

In the past you would find Delft blue tiles in the bathroom, now you find Delft blue toilet rolls!

Why not, was our first thought when we got the oppertunity to design trendy toilet rolls for The Good Roll company. Our bathroom is after all an important space at home or at the office and there is nothing wrong with adding a nice touch to this sacred space. The Good Roll totally understood this concept and creates very trendy toilet rolls that are mini works of art. Besides that we share a love for beautiful looking products, we also like their vision: creating toilet rolls that are better for the environment and of a high quality, while building hygenic toilets in Africa.

The toilet rolls are only available through The Good Roll, but we have plenty more home decoration items with similar designs available!

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