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Unique hand-painted pottery
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Blauw Bloesem servies ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp voor Heinen Delfts Blauw

Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie Wijskamp designs beautiful products for Heinen Delfts Blauw. She draws her inspiration from everyday objects and searches for new possibilities of the material. Her Blauw Bloesem collection, for example, is inspired by age-old crockery and excavated pottery, but with a fresh and modern look. Debbie Wijskamp studied Product Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. After graduating in 2009, she established herself as an independent designer. She designs and produces her own collection of handmade interior products and also works for companies and brands.

Blauw Bloesem tableware

According to Debbie Wijskamp, ​​there is a lot of beauty hidden in the ephemeral and imperfect. The Blauw Bloesem tableware is proof of this. The tableware is characterized by classic shapes and soft lines. This way the textures and the Delft blue decorations combine beautiful. "Usually there are large decorations on Delft blue tableware, but I just wanted to remove small parts and place them on one side of the pottery. The decoration crawls out of the edge, as it were. That gives the collection a calm appearance."
Gedekte tafel met Blauw Bloesem Blauw servies ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp Heinen Delfts Blauw

Blauw Bloesem Special

The collection has been a great success since its launch, which is why the tableware has been expanded with nice plates, cups and bowls. On the outside they have the same appearance as the original Blauw Bloesem service, but this time a hip reactive blue glaze has been used. The tableware pieces have the same design and can therefore be endlessly mixed and matched with each other.
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Witte bloempotten met blauw bloesem schildering

Matching vases and flower pots

In addition to the Blauw Bloesem tableware, Debbie has also designed vases and flower pots to give the table a nice look. The vases and flower pots have the same decorations as the tableware and the bottom is also made of raw porcelain and the top of glazed white glaze. "The collection is inspired by excavated pottery. I love the texture of pottery that has been underground for so long. It's like holding a rough stone in your hand, rather than a polished plate or vase."
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