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Loes van Delft

Loes van Delft designs and paints wonderful cheerful wall plates for Heinen Delfts Blauw. Her goal is to bring fun, happiness and color into people's lives. It all began with a name. An artist with a name as Van Delft has to do something with Delft blue of course! This quirky artist with her bold cartoon style paintings is extremely popular in Asia and this is also where Delft blue earthenware was born, in the old porcelain cities of Asia. Reason enough to make something beautiful together!

The bold cartoonstyle of Loes and the traditional art of Delft blue painting might seem to be worlds apart, but that is where the challenge lies. When you bring two conflicting art styles together, something unique and surprising is born and that is exactly what this collection is. Loes van Delft and a master painter of Heinen Delfts Blauw sat together around the drawing table to figure out how to bring the two worlds together and how to translate Loes her paintings onto a Delft blue wall plate.

"I would like to bring fun, happiness and color into people's lives."

The endearing cartoon style figures of Loes van Delft are charming and a little bit cheeky. Her most popular character is called 'Pjipje'. Pjipje has one large eye and one smaller eye and is even seen on the back of Justin Bieber's jacket. "Pjipje is what I want to make big. Kinda like Mickey Mouse. An image that everybody knows."

Loes van Delft hand Delfts blauwe wandborden op

The Loes van Delft collection for Heinen Delfts Blauw includes five wall plates. Two wall plates are printed in Loes her characteristic bright colors, while the other three wall plates only have the Delft blue color. On three of the plates her beloved Pjipje takes center stage, while the other two plates introduce two new figures. Her well known art style is complemented by traditional Delft blue details that blend surprisingly well.

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