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Heinen Delfts Blauw x Rémy Cointreau

Written by Annette O'Shea On

Luxurious cocktail nights in a secret pop-up bar somewhere in Amsterdam? Yes, count us in! This is not just a night out with friends at an exclusive location. No, this Cointreau Soirée is an experience where Dutch craftmanship and creativity takes the dusky spotlights. Step into the delicious world of Rémy Cointreau and you will discover not only the most wonderful cocktails, but also a surprising Delft blue touch. 

Somewhere at a secret location in our bubbly capital city you find the Cointreau Soirées from November the 8th till the 19th. This two week pop-up event centers all around cocktail workshops and exclusieve serving rituals in special designed experience rooms. It is the first time in the history of the French liqueur brand Rémy Cointreau that they come to The Netherlands to celebrate their iconic drinks. For example, their liqueur Cointreau is already over 170 years old. During these secretive cocktails nights the orange liqueur is placed in a whole new light, but also Delft blue is presented in a new shape. The tasty cocktails are served in Delft blue ceramic coupes and coasters. These artistic cocktails glasses are designed by the Amsterdam artist Pablo Lücker and are produced by Heinen Delfts Blue. 

Delft blue and Cointreau share the misconception that it is mainly for the older generation. This could not be more wrong! Delft blue is more alive than ever before and even became a leader when it comes to trendy home accessoires. The same goes fort he liqueurs by Rémy Cointreau. The sweet and intens orange liqueur has the image of being a drink for the elderly, that are slowly sipping away in their arm chairs. Cointreau is an important ingredient for trendy cocktails these days. Both companies also share something else, Rémy Cointreau and Heinen Delfts Blauw are both family companies with very strong roots in their national heritages. For that same reason Amsterdam based artist Pablo Lücker is involved with the project. Lücker is the 7th generation artist in his family and he knows like no other how to bring the world of big companies tot he new generation by using his artwork. 

Are you in the mood for a night filled with art, cocktails and Dutch heritage? Check and see if you can reserve a spot on the guestlist fort he Cointreau Soirée ‘La Masoin by Rémy Cointreau’.  

Photography: Milan Gino


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