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Open Day

Written by Martijn On

The new company building was opened for everyone who was interested to take a look inside on 16 February. It was a beautiful sunny day on which we finally received more than 1,200 visitors!

The Open Day started , of course, on a blue carpet. The visitors were received and welcomed by our employees. After the reception, the visitors were allowed to continue their way to the office spaces and creative department on the first floor and past the production area and the warehouse on the ground floor.

To show everyone how we work, all our employees were present to be able to show what their function is within the company and what activities they perform. From the designer, the painters, the webshop employee, to the production employees. All our employees took the opportunity this day to give visitors an impression of what we are committed to every day: 'Creating new traditions'!

To complete the festive occasion there were activities for kids and food trucks with real Dutch delicacies. As a reminder of the Open Day all visitors received a Delft Blue goodie bag. The Open Day was a huge success, thanks to all enthusiastic visitors! 


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Groepsfoto met Jorrit Heinen, prinses Margarita. Ontwerpers Jacob de Baan, Debbie Wijskamp, Romy Kuhne, Geke Lensink,Sylvain Tegroeg. Meesterschilder Wilma Plaisier en Marita Dekker Heinen Delfts Blauw

Heinen Delfts Blauw at Meesterlijk

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Delen van de handbeschilderde “stapelbaar” ontworpen door Richard Hutten voor Heinen Delfts Blauw gepresenteerd op meesterlijk

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