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Top 10 best selling Delft blue products!

Written by Annette O'Shea On

A top 10 of our best-selling Delftware products. With a constantly growing collection of Delft blue pottery, sometimes you don't know where to look anymore. There is simply too many nice things to look at! That's why this top 10 comes to your rescue and lets you discover the favorite items of other Delftware lovers!

1. Milk churn vase Forest Birds

We start our top 10 this month with the most popular milk churn vase in the collection: the forest birds among the branches. The nostalgic milk churn makes a nice model for a brand new flower vase, in which you can put a large bouquet of meadow flowers. A piece of countryside charm for the kitchen table. 

Stroopwafelblik met Delfts blauwe fietsen

2. Syrup waffles tin 'bicycles'

Crept up one spot this month! In second place in our top 10 best-selling Delft blue products, is this delicious filled stroopwafel (syrup waffle) tin. The storage tin is decorated with modern drawings of typical Dutch bicycles and brightly colored tulips. The tin is filled with a thick packet of stroopwafels. Delicious to have with your coffee!

3. Wall plate Cat

At spot number three in the top 10 we find a newcomer. Fresh from our cheerful spring collection, this cute wall plate with a cat on it enters the top 10. The wall plate is part of the modern animal portraits collection, which focuses on farm animals.

4. Wall Birds

Coming in at number 4 in our top 10 are our three Delft blue, ceramic wall birds. During the Art Deco heyday in Paris, the first geometric birds for the wall emerged, but Heinen Delfts Blauw has reinvented the egg and brought the artistic birds back to life. 

5. Tulip vase Delft blue rectangle

Also new from our spring collection! This rectangular tulip vase on legs immediately takes spot number five and we understand why. With its narrow, rectangular shape, this tulip vase fits perfectly in places like the windowsill, a wall shelf or above the fireplace. 

6. Wall plate Forest Birds

In sixth place in our top 10 best-selling Delft blue products is this cozy wall plate with forest birds on it. The cheerful fliers sit in a row and look straight from the wall plate, into the room. Each bird is different and has unique, colorful feathers to show off.

7. Yoghurt bowl Teckel Nhaan

The top 10 would not be complete without an item from the Teckel Nhaan collection, of course. And yes, at number seven we find this cheerful yogurt bowl on which the long-haired diva on four legs frolics around the bowl.

8. Wall plate Golden Retriever

At number eight on our top 10 best-selling Delft blue products is this brand new wall plate with a Golden Retriever on it. This faithful four-legged friend is part of our new spring collection, with which we want to bring interiors back from hibernation. And who better to do that than an exuberant Golden Retriever with his infectious energy!

De Blauwe Fiets nr 1 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw

9. Vase De Blauwe Fiets

At spot number nine in our top 10 we find the modern, elegant vases from De Blauwe Fiets collection by Sylvain Tegroeg. The countless bicycles in Dutch cities inspired the French designer to create these modern Delft blue vases.

10. Tulip vase flowers cylinder

At the final spot in our top 10 best-selling Delft blue products we find this brand new tulip vase. The tulip vase is a very traditional Delft blue object, but its smooth cylindrical shape gives this vase a modern look. The vase is decorated all around with a typical Delft blue floral print.  


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