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Top 10 trending Delft blue products!

Written by Annette O'Shea On
This is the top 10 trending Delft blue products of this summer! With a constantly growing collection Delft blue products, it can be hard to pick your favorite ones. Don't worry, these are the ten trendy items of the moment according to our customers.

1. Breakfast plate - Sharing Moments 'Nhaan'

Nhaan is still your absolute favorite! This hairy dachshund follows tv personality Janny van der Heijden around like a shadow and is well on its way to become the most famous dog of the Netherlands. This diva on four legs is quickly conquering the hearts of many Dutchies. Besides her own Instragram account, cover shoots for magazines and appearances on tv shows, Nhaan now has her own Delft blue tableware collection. Nhaan's breakfast plate takes first place in our top 10 of trending Delft blue products.

2. Mug with ear - Blauw Bloesem

Only just arrived, but already flying out of our shops! This fine mug with a handle is the latest addition to our Blauw Bloesem collection and takes the second place in our top 10. The most striking thing about the mug is the characteristic rim, which reminds us of old pottery. This edge is entirely shaped by hand and shows the charm of the old crafts. The sturdy porcelain keeps your hot beverage warm for longer and thanks to the handle, the mug is very comfortable to hold.

3. Mug with ear - Blauw Vouw

Our mugs are very popular at the moment, because in third place we find another mug with a handle. This is the new coffee cup from the Blauw Vouw collection, that stands out because of the folds in the porcelain. This collection is designed to honor the shared ceramic history between China and the Netherlands. The Asian folding art of Origami and Dutch Delft blue come together in this unique tableware collection. 

4. Breakfast plate - Sharing Moments 'Aapjes'

There must be a need for more cheerfulness at the breakfast table, because in fourth place we find this very happy breakfast plate! The breakfast plate is part of our Sharing Moments - Aapjes collection by Janny van der Heijden. The dangling monkeys are playing between the branches, a theme which has been popular for Delft blue pottery for centuries. We are happy to bring these light-hearted pranksters back to the table, on a traditional but modern looking tableware collection. 

5. Coffee cup - Sharing Moments 'Aapjes'

The fun at the breakfast table continues, because there are even more naughty monkeys in this top 10! In fifth place you find our coffee cup from the Sharing Moments - Aapjes collection by Janny van der Heijden. A delicate porcelain coffee cup with ear, decorated with cheeky monkeys. With this cup you start your day with a tasty cup of coffee and a smile.

Mok met tulpen en een goud oor

6. Mug Tulip Gold

This timeless classic is the number six of our top 10 trending Delft blue products. This porcelain mug has a gold colored ear and is decorated with lush tulips, all around. A traditional theme on Delft blue pottery, but thanks to its flowing and clean lines, the mug has a fresh, modern look.

Bord IJsvogel Heinen Delfts Blauw

7. Wall plate Kingfisher

This beautiful kingfisher on a wall plate takes place number seven in our top 10. We can see why! The cobalt blue feathers flow into the warm orange chest feathers, which are so characteristic for this rare bird. the background is decorated with a subtle Delft blue tree, which makes the bird stand out even more. A beautiful wall decoration. 

8. Earrings Delft blue Baroness

Delft blue jewellery is very popular. Especially these earrings with hand-painted Delft blue ceramic beads. In the eight spot in our top 10 we find the earrings 'Baroness', which breathe the stately atmosphere of the Netherlands during the Golden Age. A time when Delft pottery factories were born and when the Dutch nobility liked to dress up lavishly to flaunt their wealth.

Kerstbal Bosvogels met kerstmuts

9. Christmas bauble Forest birds Santa hat

Officially it's still summer, so we chouldn't drop the C-word yet. So we'll just whisper it instead. Christmas. Yes, it's true. The very first Christmas items are already being ordered! In particular this ceramic Christmas bauble decorated with forest birds crept into our top 10 in ninth place. the cheerful forest birds have put on their santa hats especially for the occasion. With a little imagination you can hear them whistling Jingle Bells.

10. Wall birds

These newcomers fly straight into our top 10 of trending Delft blue products! the first geometric wall birds were created during the Art Deco days in Paris, but Heinen Delfts Blauw reinvented the egg and brought the artistic wall birds back to life. This new generation of wall birds is very popular thanks to their graceful Delft blue decorations that they like to show off. 


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