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De Blauwe Dodo large

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This sculpture of a dodo is decorated with Delft blue flowers and is created by artist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk. The artwork carries the name De Blauwe Dodo (The Blue Dodo). At first you might think that a dodo and Delft blue porcelain have nothing in common, but when you dive into the history you discover that there is a very sad connection. Pepijn is someone who loves exploring the historical facts of Asia and the Netherlands and he combines old stories with unusual objects and impressions he makes while traveling. That is how he came across the tragic tale of the dodo. An adorable bird that can’t fly and knows no enemies where he lives. That is until the Dutch traders of the 17th century discover his little island and with their arrivale, disrupt the habitat of this legendary bird. The bird is eaten, introduced to new enemies such as pigs and monkeys, and some are captured and taken on board ships to function as gifts to emperors. This all leads to the extinction of the dodo. De Blauwe Dodo is a time traveler, as a lone adventurer he travels the world in search of companions
SKU: CdP100
Size: H 30 cm, W 28 cm, D 17 cm
Brand: Heinen Design
Process: Transfer
Weight: 1370 gr.
Material: Ceramics
Designer: Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk
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