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Tulip vase white: our snow white beauty

Written by Annette O'Shea On
There used to be 'tulip mania', nowadays there is tulip vase mania. While people used to give home and hearth for a very expensive tulip bulb, it is now mainly the tulip vases that are more valuable than the tulip itself. The three-piece white tulip vase is our snow-white beauty that stands head and shoulders above the other vases in terms of popularity.

Tulip vase, whiter than white...

Well, and why a tulip vase in white? White porcelain has an interesting history. It used to be extremely difficult to make really pure white porcelain or earthenware. There was always a color to the clay. Red, yellow or a bit grey, and if you had finally found beautiful white clay, it was quite an art to make it come out of the oven radiantly white. White is often a symbol of purity, innocence, beauty and minimalism. In feng shui, white is used to encourage clear vision and to cleanse the soul. Maybe that's true, but we just think it's a timeless, elegant 'colour' and apparently you do too! Our three-piece white tulip vase is extremely popular and we receive the most beautiful photos of the vase in your interior.

White tulip vases for Queen Mary

The white and Delft blue tulip vase with pyramid shape was once commissioned by Queen Maria Stuart, wife of William of Orange. She wanted a vase with which she could fill her royal chambers with fresh tulips. These tulip vases had to be a stately appearance in themselves and would look good in a large palace. An ordinary vase was completely insignificant compared to the high ceilings and spacious reception rooms. The Delft potteries then developed the pyramid-shaped tulip vase with which trendsetter Maria could place entire columns of flowers. Since then, this tulip vase in white and Delft blue has become an icon and a few centuries later the white tulip vase has become more popular than ever.

Share your white tulip vase! 

All photos of the white tulip vase in this blog were taken by our customers at their homes! Do you also have our white tulip vase at home? Please share your photos of the vase in your interior with us via social media. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Who knows, maybe next time you'll see your photos of the white tulip vase there.

#HeinenDelftsBlauw #wittetulpenvaas #belikeQueenMary

P.S. Do you absolutely love a white tulip vase, but does the pyramid model not suit your home? We also have the white tulip vase in other shapes and sizes, such as cylinder shape, square, large, small, on legs, without legs...!

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