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Summer of love: unique wedding gifts!

Written by Annette O'Shea On
The season of summer weddings has arrived. From May through September, most weddings take place, simply because this time of year has the greatest chance of beautiful weather. Enjoy a wonderful summer full of love and surprise the bride and groom with unique wedding gifts as mementos of their beautiful day.

Special wedding gifts for the happy couple 

Surely the most requested wedding gift from a bride and groom remains the white envelope. Still, personalized wedding gifts that have a thought behind them are becoming increasingly desired. The days when a bride and groom marry from their parents' home and begin a new life together from that day are largely gone. Most newlyweds have already saved up a house or an outfit together, and even though a financial gift always comes in handy after hosting an expensive wedding, a wedding gift remains a tangible reminder of the wedding forever, making it priceless and irreplaceable. A traditional wedding gift is a complete dinner service or parts of a dinner service, if the bride and groom are saving together a more expensive dinner service. A nice variation on this is to gift a dinnerware set for cozy moments together. Consider a dinnerware set consisting of two coffee mugs and multi plates for the bride and groom who love coffee. Or give the bride and groom two separate dinnerware sets for one person, so they have everything they need to enjoy a delicious dinner together. To make it personal, write a special message on the bottom of the plate or coffee mug with china marker. Bake the dinnerware in your own oven for a few more minutes and the message will be indelible.

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Unique guestbook as wedding gift 

At every wedding you will come across a guest book. The day often goes by at lightning speed and the bride and groom have seen and talked to so many people, it's nice to have a moment to flip through a guest book after the wedding. This way the bride and groom can see who all witnessed their special wedding day and the messages they wish them. More and more people are looking for an alternative to a standard guest book. For example, another fun option is to place a Delft blue lidded vase at the wedding with bills and a pen next to it. Guests can write a personal message on the cards or papers and put them in the lidded vase. After the wedding, the bride and groom place the lidded vase in a beautiful spot in their home and when they want to relive their special day, all they have to do is open the lidded vase and read through the loving messages. If you choose a hand-painted lidded vase, you can also have the names of the bride and groom added or, for example, the wedding date or a flower from the bridal bouquet. 

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€ 119,95

Personalized wedding gifts 

Another fun alternative to a guest book, which at the same time makes a great wedding gift, is a stackable tulip vase. The white three-piece tulip vase is the ideal vase to use as a guest book. Guests can write their names on the vase with porcelain marker as they enter, after which the vase is given a nice spot in the bride and groom's home. The three-piece tulip vase is also an ideal vase to use as a centerpiece at the wedding itself. Place the stackable vase on the dining tables and fill it with flowers, creating a pillar of flowers on the table. After the wedding, the three-piece tulip vase can be taken apart and combined with individual pieces from the Stapelgekte collection to give the vase a completely new look while preserving the personal messages. 

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More unique wedding gifts
In addition to dinnerware and personalized vases, we have many other special wedding gifts in our collection. Think fun home decorations for the home, as well as useful wedding gifts often found on a traditional to-do list. If you're looking for something really special, contact us to discuss our special custom options. From personalized wedding signs to hand-painted vases with a special theme or even fun thank-you gifts that the bride and groom want to give to their guests.  
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Wedding photos by: Marion Meyer Photography.


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