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Wall plate square floral motif

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Hand-painted Delft blue appliques

Here you find the large collection by Heinen Delfts Blauw with the most beautiful Delft blue appliques. An applique is a traditional Dutch decorative item with recognizable paintings on it, like a typical Dutch landscape with windmill, seafaring, famous artwork or flowers. Find the applique that matches your style the most.

Beautiful Delft blue appliques

At Heinen Delfts Blauw we are always busy with creating new traditions. That is why we have appliques in our collection that are a wink to the more traditional appliques, but are more fitting for a modern interior or that match the trendy lifestyle and home decors of now. A perfect example is our modern painting of Amsterdam canal houses lined up, surrounded by a rim filled with flowers. Or pick an applique based on famous artwork from musea, like the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Old Dutch scenery in Delft blue 

Besides the more modern looking appliques we still make the tradiional Delft blue appliques. You recognize these appliques by their traditional Delft blue patterns, flowers or landscapes with windmills, water and farms. We also make expensive hand-painted appliques. They are fully handmade and painted by hand by our experienced master painters. This high quality handmade product can also be personalized or created with your own design. Don't hesitate to ask us about all the possibilities. Our appliques are perfect wedding gifts or business gifts with a personal touch.