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Unique hand-painted pottery
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Designed in Holland

Janny van der Heijden

Janny van der Heijden is of course known in the Netherlands as the presenter of Heel Holland Bakt. Together with Robèrt van Beckhoven and André van Duin this culinary expert, the edible works of art by real home bakers with talent. Our cooking queen knows better than anyone what you need in the kitchen and therefore comes up with her own tableware under the name Sharing Moments for Heinen Delfts Blauw.

Sharing Moments - Tulips

Besides cooking, collecting crockery is another great passion of the culinary publicist. "When I was asked to design my own tableware line, I didn't have to think about it for a second. It had to be blue-on-white, with a nod to tradition, but with a modern twist." Her collection 'Sharing Moments - Tulips' revolves around recognizable Delft blue themes such as lush tulips, playful stripes and a more modern version of the ancient ox heads.

Sharing Moments - Monkeys

The 'Sharing Moments - Monkeys' extension set features monkeys on the tableware. "Apery is playing ridiculous tricks and imitating human behaviour. The playful monkeys bring a smile to everyone's face. This genre of monkeys in satirical situations was a popular theme four hundred years ago and we like to bring these light-hearted pranksters back to the table." ." In addition to symbolizing absurdity, monkeys in Asia are often depicted on porcelain to depict wisdom and longevity.

Sharing Moments - Teckel Nhaan

Nhaan is slowly becoming the most famous dog in The Netherlands. ‘Who?’ you might ask, especially if you are not big into the lives of Dutch tv stars. Well, Nhaan. The hairy showbizz dog of tv personality Janny van der Heijden. This four legged diva manages to find a place in people’s hearts. She has her own Instagram account, shines on covers of magazines and even landed a few tv appearances. Now this adorable dachshund even got her own Delft blue tableware collection!
Sharing Moments tableware

Functional and beautiful

An important starting point when designing the collection is functionality and appearance. "The shape became clear to me quite quickly. It had to be functional and stimulating. I wanted everything to be different, but still that every product fits together. A cup should fit comfortably in the hand, a teapot should pour well and the The lid must of course not slip off. Multifunctional parts that all fit together well and also look good."

Sharing moments together

The Monkeys and Tulips collections fall under the name Sharing Moments. "Sharing is important to me in the broadest sense of the word," says Janny. "Sharing beautiful moments with each other, different generations sharing dishes together at the table. Sharing joys and sorrows together over a comforting cup of tea. But also sharing this service with other Delft blue dinnerware. Whether it is modern or an antique heirloom, everything combines together and makes the collection even more personal."