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Bubble Blue

Delft ware wall plates and vases have been decorated with beautiful landscapes with water and beautiful skies for hundreds of years. This new Bubble Blue collection is also all about these two elements, water and air. This time we captured their relationship in a very artistic way.

Jorrit Heinen

"Lately I have been very busy with our Waterval collection and I saw that during the pouring process a lot of bubbles were gathering at the bottom. This triggered my interest and I was wondering: can we do something with these bubbles? And yes, the possibilities are endless. What I love about the Bubble Blue collection is that we use very basic nature elements, such as water and air, to create a magical design. When you blow bubbles out of water and paint, you never know what the outcome is going to be. These bubbles are different every time and you don't know how they are going to splash apart or where they end up on the vase or object. This creates a very surrealistic pattern. For me, looking at this design, it feels like flying through the Milky Way. Simply enchanting."  

3-delige tulpenvaas handgeschilderd Bubble Blue
€ 299,00
Tweedelige tulpenvaas Bubble Blue. Wit met Delfts blauwe bubbel design
€ 399,00
Bubble Blue tulpenvaas glad met 3 lagen en Delfts blauwe bubbel patroon
€ 279,00
Hartvormige tulpenvaas met Delfts blauw bubbel design
€ 139,00

The bubble technique

Bubbles are created by a reaction between air and water. A thin film of water mixed with original Delft blue paint traps an air bubble. At the same time, the water membrane cannot survive without the presence of air. They need each other. We have managed to capture this relationship on our pottery. The result is a playful collection with a modern look, which also combines beautifully with traditional Delft blue.
Kelkvaas handgeschilderd met Delfts blauwe bubbels
€ 129,00
Vierkant vaas Bubble Blue met Delfts blauwe bubbels
€ 99,00
Spakenburgse dame handgeschilderd met blauwe bubbels
€ 99,00