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Tulip vase seven-partite Bubble Blue

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€ 1.865,- incl. VAT
The sky is the limit! At Heinen Delfts Blauw we are always searching for ways to blow new life into our traditional designs. This seven-partite tulip vase from our Bubble Blue collection is a perfect example of our motto ‘creating new traditions’. We gave the well known tulip vase a brand new and hip design. For this we let go of our traditional way of painting and looked for inspiration in higher spheres, as real highfliers we don’t like limitations. For this vase our master painter ditched the usual paint brushes and instead used bubbles to paint the vase! Thanks to the different size of the bubbles, every pattern is unique and one of a kind. The result is a beautiful pattern which almost seems to splash of the vase. This unusual bubble design brings you high into the sky where every color of blue is present or it takes you down to the deep blue sea, where the sunlight endlessly plays with the sparkle of the water surface. A design with a surprising depth. Each item from this collection is unique and therefore the end product may differ from the photo. To be sure that the design is to your liking, it is possible to request photos of the product that will be sent.
SKU: BB3011
Size: H 110 cm, W 22,5 cm
Brand: Heinen Design
Process: Handpainted
Weight: 14000 gr.
Material: Keramiek
Category: Tulip vases
Collection: Bubble Blue
Designer: Jorrit Heinen
Theme: Summer
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