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Blauw Vouw Flower pot with legs

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€ 19,95 incl. VAT
This fun flower pot with legs is part of the Blauw Vouw collection by Romy Kühne. This designer likes to combine old crafts with modern, fast techniques. “In a time where mass production and fast techniques such as 3D printing are leading in the world of design, I like to keep the old crafts alive. That is why I combine crafts with new techniques. The Blauw Vouw collection is a perfect example of this combination.” The flower pot has small legs so it is slightly elevated of the surface on which it stands. This is in line with the Japanese tradition of sitting on the floor for health benefits and that is also why furniture or decorative items are often placed on the floor. The bottom of the flower pot has geometric folds in the porcelain. Romy felt inspired by the special, ceramic connection between Asia and The Netherlands when it comes to porcelain and Delftware. To unite these two worlds, she used the Asian folding art origami to create paper molds to give shape to this unusual flower pot.
SKU: TW903008
Size: L 11 cm, B 11 cm, H 12,5 cm.
Brand: Heinen Home
Process: Transfer
Weight: 380 gr.
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