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Spakenburgse Lady (Ootje) - Waterfall Collection by Jorrit Heinen

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€ 99,- incl. VAT
This noble Spakenburg Lady proudly poses in her old Dutch costume. The lady is fully hand-painted with a great eye for detail. She is a symbol for the traditions that we still see today in The Netherlands, but which are slowly dissapearing from our streets. This statue combines two national heritages of The Netherlands: the tradition of the national costumes and the art of Delft blue painting. Ootje (grandma) is available in different colours: Delft blue, red, polychrome and a special edition from the Waterfall Collection by Jorrit Heinen. This is the Waterfall edition.
SKU: U3810
Brand: Heinen Design
Process: Handpainted
Weight: 600 gr.
Material: Keramiek
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