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Stapelgekte Busy bee middle

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Pick. Mix. Stack! Build your own tripartite tulip vase with the individual vase parts from the Stapelgekte collection by Heinen Delfts Blauw. Combine the different patterns and colors to create a unique pyramid vase that suits your personality. And if you want something new, you can take the stacked vase apart again and combine it with brand new vase parts. We continue to add new colors and design tot his collection, such as this white centerpiece with a very busy bee on it. Bees are very useful, hardworking creatures that are a welcome guest in any flower garden. Without bees, no flowers or fruit! The Delft blue bee is just about to fly away from one flower to the next, to find some more sweet nectar. You use this part as the middle piece of the three-piece tulip vase and all other top and bottom parts from the Stapelgekte collection fit on this part. The center section can be filled with water, so that every flower always gets the nutrition that it needs to stay fresh longer. Unleash your creativity and stack a beautiful tulip vase together.
SKU: D0722-2
Size: L 13 cm, W 13 cm, H 10 cm
Brand: Heinen Home
Process: Transfer
Weight: 520 gr.
Material: Ceramics
Safe for the dishwasher: No
Category: Tulip vases
Collection: Stapelgekte
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