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Nature Design

The beautiful Delft blue combined with the color of nature; green!

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Hand-painted Delft blue

Delft blue is known for it's traditional hand-painted pieces. Heinen Delfts Blauw has continued this historical method and put it in a modern way. 100% original Delft blue, hand made and painted with modern and unique designs. In our collection you will find a diverse range of hand-painted Delft blue products.

Hand-painted Delft blue vases

A well-known hand-painted product is the Delft blue vase. These vases are provided with a unique design that requires specific hand painting. Heinen Delfts Blauw has various types of vases in their collection. The big advantage? You can use them for flower bouquets, Dutch tulips or just as an ornamental vase. No matter how you use it, a hand-painted Delft blue vase is a true addition to your interior.

Delft blue flower vases and tulip vases

Delft blue and tulips ... the perfect Dutch combination. We have specific tulip vases for. You can also find these vases in different styles and shapes. Among others in pyramid and heart shape. So you always find a beautiful tulip vase that fits your home.

Hand-painted plates

Wall plates have been a popular Delft blue product for many years. It gives an authentic look to your home. Also at Heinen Delft Blue you will find plates made according to the traditional method: entirely by hand. With contemporary designs, unique in its kind.

Hand-painted tableware by recognized designers

Heinen Delfts Blauw regularly organizes a collaboration with recognized designers. For example the Blu Halo design lamp by Jacob de Baan. A unique Delft blue lamp with a famous design. You can also find these hand-painted products in our shop!

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