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Delfts blauw servies ontworpen door Janny van der Heijden bekend van Heel Holland Bakt verkrijgbaar bij Heinen Delfts Blauw

Tableware Janny van der Heijden at Heinen Delfts Blauw

Written by Martijn On

Janny van der Heijden is known as the host of the tv-show The Great Dutch Bake Off. Together with Robèrt van Beckhoven and André van Duin she judges edible creations of the best home schooled bakers of The Netherlands. Our queen of the kitchen knows as no other what you really need in a kitchen and that is why she comes with her own collection of tableware with the name: Sharing Moments. Now also available at Heinen Delfts Blauw.

The blue-on-white tableware collection by Janny van der Heijden is now available in our webshop. Sharing Moments matches beautifully with the Delft blue collections we already have and with Janny her wide experience of cooking and baking you can trust that she put a lot of thought into the tableware set. The first thing we notice, of course, is the blue colour of the tableware set. "I have always had a soft spot for blue-on-white porcelain. Wether this is Chinese, Japanese or Delft blue", Janny explains. "When I was a child I would already press my nose up against the glass cabinet to have a closer look at all the porcelain inside and I was fascinated by all the different types of blue." This enchanment from her childhood translated into more serious forms as she grew up. "I've been collectin Delft blue porcelain since I started studying. Antique tiles, plates, bowls, vases... you name it! And still I can be as happy as a child when I purchase a beautiful piece of 'blue'." 

Another big passion of the culinary publicist is to collect tableware sets. "When I was asked to create my very own tableware collection I didn't have to think about it! It had to be blue on white, with a hint of tradition, but without the stuffy image. It had to be recognizable as typical Dutch tableware and the best thing was, I was given total freedom to create a design." Of course the tv host got some help in this department. "I have to admit that my son came up with the idea to add the playful stripes. The process of adding tulips and other prints grew along the way. I had to learn that you can't just add any type of pattern to whatever shape you want. Both need to be in harmony with each other. It was great to work together with the designers of New Edition to shape my ideas."

"Delft blue is in our blood and I hope we can pass it on for generations to come."

With so much experience in the kitchen, it was important to create a collection that above all 'makes sense'. "The shape was clear to me from the start. It had to be functional and a little bit unusual. I wanted every item to be different, but that they somehow all fit together. A cup has to feel well when you hold it in your hands, a teapot has to pour with ease and the lid has to stay in place. I wanted multifunctional pieces that all match and work together and... that look fantastic!"

Coming up with the right name for the collection was also important. "Food for me is about moments that you share with each other. Sharing Moments", Janny continues, "sharing is important to me. In the widest sense of the word. To share beautiful moments together. Several generations that sit together at the dinner table and that share old and new recipes and create new memories. But also how you share your tableware with pieces from other collections. All blue-on-white tableware sets match in a way, wether it is modern or classic, items like a hand-painted herring plate, a Delft blue creamer in the shape of a cow or a designer water jug. But also; a red under plate with Christmas or an antique tureen from your great grandmother. Everything matches with each other and that makes it an even more personal collection. Delft blue is in our blood and I hope we can pass that on for many generations to come."


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