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Sinterklaas shoe gifts for grown ups!

Written by Annette O'Shea On
If you are still looking for nice shoe gifts for Sinterklaas, come and have a look at the nicest Delft blue warehouse in the country. Here you will find the most beautiful and surprising shoe gifts for adults. From nice tea mugs and dried flower houses, to beautiful vases and tableware sets. What do you want to get in your pocket?
Delfts blauwe mokken met goud oor

Shoe gifts for up to €15,-


Blauw Bloesem Yoghurtschaal ontworpen door Debbie Wijskamp Heinen Delfts Blauw

Blauw Bloesem yoghurt bowl €12,95

A beautiful porcelain yoghurt bowl with Delft blue blossom on the edge. Ideal for filling with delicious fresh gingerbread nuts and serving on the table with coffee or tea.

Blauw Vouw vase €13,95

This cute vase comes from the Blauw Vouw collection by designer Romy Kühne. This series of small vases consists of three different models, which are an ideal size for the windowsill or on a side table. And as a shoe gift!

Dried flower house €14,95

Do you already see Sinterklaas walking across the roofs? This small dried flower house has the shape of a characteristic canal house. Thanks to the holes in the roof, you can fill the house with nice dried flowers. A cozy addition to your home! Available in different colours.

Madonna goud

Madonna figurine €14,95

A beautiful porcelain statue of Madonna. A saint for many people worldwide, so a fitting gift from our own good saint. The figurine is available in different colors and patterns.

Mug Canal Houses €13,95

"Schimmel draagt met groot gemak. Sinterklaasje over 't dak." Perhaps Sinterklaas' horse has a little more difficulty with these special stepped gables! This cozy mug is the ultimate Sinterklaas mug. Time for a nice hot chocolate and a handful of sprinkles.
Espressokopje met Delfts blauwe teckel van de Sharing Moments collectie

Two espresso cups Teckel Nhaan €14,95

Together is always much more fun than alone. This nice shoe gift allows you to enjoy a cup of espresso together on the couch. Ideal for a bleak Sinterklaas evening by the fireplace. There are two cups in this set.
Handcreme en handzeep Majolica

Handsoap Delft blue €12,95

A wonderfully scented hand soap in a Delft blue pump. A wonderful shoe gift from Sinterklaas! The hand soap is available in different scents and to expand the move, matching hand lotions, home perfumes and scented candles are also available.

Kersthanger Delfts blauw ballon dier hond met gouden order

Christmas ornament balloon animal €7,95

Sinterklaas is really not the worst. If he sees nice Christmas items, he will want to put them in your shoe as a present! Like this porcelain balloon animal for the Christmas tree. The Sint thought it was too cute to pass up. Who wants him in his shoe?
Kerstbal 2023 Delfts blauw Heinen Delfts Blauw

Christmas bauble 2023 €6,95

Just like this limited Delft blue Christmas ball from 2023. Sinterklaas finds such a special souvenir of the year an excellent shoe gift. Maybe you are in love, engaged, married or gave birth this year, then wouldn't it be nice to have a memento of this year?

Blauw Vouw multibordje ontworpen door Romy Kuhne Heinen Delfts Blauw

Multi-plate Blauw Vouw €12,95

There is quite some snacking around Sinterklaas and in December, so a porcelain multi-plate is quite handy! This way you can enjoy tasty little snacks next to your coffee, plop down on the couch with a small cheese board and a glass of wine or leave something tasty for Sinterklaas next to your shoe.

Shoe gifts for up to €25,-

Drie waxinelichthouder huisjes met Delfts blauw bloemen decoratie

Tealight holder Canal House €24,95

Yes, those canal houses again. Sinterklaas and special roof tops simply belong together. Place a row of these cozy canal houses on the windowsill, put a candle in it and show Sinterklaas that he is also welcome on your roof.

Delft blue wall bird €24,95

These birds usually leave in a V-formation towards Spain before Saint Nicholas arrives in the country. Way too cold for them! So give these nice wall birds a cozy, warm spot on the wall inside. They can also celebrate Christmas Eve sometime.

Bord Het Puttertje Heinen Delfts Blauw

Wall plate The Goldfinch €23,95

Sinterklaas loves birds and this wall plate with the world-famous painting by Carel Fabritius on it is a nice gift for under your shoe. The porcelain wall plate is too large to put in your shoe, but is the ideal size for the wall.

Delft blue belly vase €24,95

A truly Delft blue vase for your shoe! This belly vase has a very traditional shape and is decorated with Delft blue flowers. Nice for a side table, on the mantelpiece above the fireplace or on the windowsill.

Soap dispenser Blauw Bloesem €21,95

Wash all those gingerbread crumbs and chocolate letter stains off your hands with this luxurious soap dispenser. The soap dispenser is made of porcelain and is made entirely in the style of the popular Blauw Bloesem tableware.

Geurkaars Majolica op een houten salontafel

Scented candle Delft blue €19,95

A chilly holiday evening calls for a cozy candle and it is of course great if the candle also spreads a wonderful scent. The Delft blue scented candles are available in three different, subtle scents. The glass holder is printed with a beautiful Delft blue pattern.

Soap dish Blauw Bloesem €18,95

A beautiful porcelain soap dish from the Blauw Bloesem collection by designer Debbie Wijskamp. Ideal for placing your shampoo bar in the bathroom or simply for a nice bar of hand soap in the kitchen.

Two tea mugs De Blauwe Fiets €24,95

A nice set of two tea mugs with the design De Blauwe Fiets by designer Sylvain Tegroeg. Two modern Delft blue mugs with a whole bunch of bicycles on them! A recognizable image on Dutch roads.

Cup and saucer Blauw Vouw

Time for a moment of enjoyment... This shoe gift consists of a porcelain teacup with a matching saucer. The tea set is part of the Blauw Vouw collection by designer Romy Kühne and turns traditional Delft blue into something modern.

Cake plate Canal Houses €19,95

A beautiful shoe gift from the Sint for you! An earthenware cake dish with a cozy row of canal houses from the old Dutch city centers on it. The cake dish is made to serve a nice sleek cake, but is of course also suitable for other Sinterklaas delicacies.

Shoe gifts for up to €50,-

Bowl Blauw Vouw €49,95

A beautiful porcelain bowl for the table or handy in the kitchen. Whether you fill it with fruit, a fresh salad or a stack of chocolate letters, the size of this bowl is useful anytime and anywhere.

Water jug Blauw Vouw €34,95

This beautiful Delft blue water jug ​​is a wonderful shoe gift. The jug is made of porcelain and is subtly decorated with Delft blue cherry blossoms and origami folds in the bottom. This gives the jug a modern look, but also a firm grip.

Teckel Nhaan serviesset

Tableware set Teckel Nhaan €49,50

A very festive gift that you can complete in one go: a complete tableware set for one person. Dachshund Nhaan plays the leading role in this cheerful tableware. Nhaan is the faithful four-legged friend of queen of the kitchen Janny van der Heijden. You can easily expand the tableware set with even more individual tableware from the collection.

Wall plate Girl with a Pearl Earring €42,95

This beautiful wall plate of the Girl with a Pearl Earring is a gift for the wall. We took the world-famous portrait from Johannes Vermeer's original painting and surrounded her with pastel-colored flowers.
De Blauwe Fiets nr 2 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw

Vase De Blauwe Fiets €39,95

This is the ideal Delft blue vase for those who are looking for something truly innovative. The vase has a sleek, modern shape and is decorated all around with a whole horde of bicycles, as you encounter on the roads everywhere in the Netherlands. From the beloved grandma bike to a cargo bike filled with children, dog and groceries. The vase is released in three different shapes.
Tulpenvaas op pootjes met Delfts blauw sierlijke bloem

Tulip vase on legs €49,95

Another wonderfully iconic Delft blue vase! Sinterklaas likes to give beautiful gifts and this vase is one of his favorites. This tulip vase on legs is decorated all around with Delft blue flowers. Thanks to the different spouts, it is very easy to arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the flower stems get the support they need.
Gedekte tafel met delfts blauw Servies Oranje Tulp Heinen Delfts Blauw

Teapot Oranje Tulp €37,95

I think Sinterklaas has one at home too. The teapot from the Oranje Tulip collection. Hand-painted pottery with a thoroughly Dutch appearance. Delft blue leaves and ox heads that are brightened up by a colorful orange tulip. Wonderful for a chilly evening by the fireplace.

Tableware set Sharing Moments Tulp €49,50

Another beautiful tableware set as a shoe gift! This tableware set is a complete basic tableware set for one person. The Sharing Moments collection was developed by Janny van der Heijden together with Heinen Delfts Blauw. A beautiful and functional porcelain tableware.

Wall plate Blue Morpho €42,95

A beautiful porcelain wall plate for the wall. The wall plate depicts lush tulips, as in the paintings of the old master painters. The blue butterfly subtly jumps out of the dark background and makes the connection with Delft blue.

Geurkaars en Geurstokjes Faience met Delfts Blauw versiering.

Home fragrance set €46,95


The wonderfully scented evening of 'Pakjesavond' has arrived... The smell of candy and marzipan fill the house! This home perfume set doesn't smell like candy, but it does immerse you in the sweet, colorful world of lush blossom. The exciting scent radiates a powdery warmth due to the presence of vanilla pods, blossoms and has a slightly fruity touch. This set contains a scented candle and a home perfume. Available in different scents.


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