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Teapot and 2 cup and saucer

€ 65,85
€ 62,50

Teapot orange tulip

€ 37,95

Teapot Tulip

€ 69,95

Teapot Monkeys

€ 69,95

Blauw Bloesem Coffeepot

€ 59,95

Blauw Vouw Coffee pot

€ 69,95

Teapot Paauw Blauw

€ 49,95

Blauw Vouw Teapot

Not available
€ 89,95

Delft blue teapots and coffeepots

We just love a good cup of tea or coffee. In our workshop and office we drink it every day and a lot of it, but when you are at home you want to serve your guests in style. Or you simply want to have a pot full of it so you don't have to get up every time you want a refill. That is why we created beautiful Delft blue teapots and coffeepots that look fantastic on your table and that keep your drink piping hot! Use a matching serving plate for your biscuits. Our Delft blue teapots or coffeepots have a variety of decorations, like windmills, canal houses or tulips.

Coffeepots with Delft blue accessories 

For the true coffee lover we created beautiful Delft blue coffeepots. These are perfect to add to your table when you have guests. Combine the coffeepot with matching sugar and cream sets and you have everything you need right there. We love tableware that matches together, so our products are usually available as a complete set but thanks to the timeless Delft blue colour they also mix and match together. Have a look at our large collection and choose your favourite coffeepot.