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If we have a promotion or offer where you receive a discount code and must enter it with your order, you do this in step 1 of the shopping cart. It is best to copy and paste the code into the empty field where the discount code is requested. Make sure you remove all spaces before and after the code, otherwise it will not read your discount code properly.

5% discount when subscribing to our newsletter
We have a standard discount code of 5% when you sign up for our newsletter. You can register via our homepage (almost at the bottom of the page). You will then be the first to receive all news about our articles and trends.


  • The 5% discount code can only be used once. 
  • The discount is not valid on other offers.
  • You can only use 1 discount code in your order.
  • The code is valid for six months.
  • It is not possible to offset the 5% discount against your placed order afterwards.

Other actions
Sometimes we have great promotions or offers where you have to enter a discount code to participate in the promotion. These are always mentioned via our webshop and newsletters. Other websites that offer our discount codes use old discount codes that are no longer valid.

No, you can only enter one code.

The 5% discount you receive for subscribing to our newsletter remains valid for six months. You can still use it with your next order. We cannot settle the discount afterwards.