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Blauw Vouw Dip Bowl XS

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Vier kleine sausschaaltjes met Delfts blauwe bloesem.
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This porcelain dip bowl is a beautiful addition to the kitchen or the dinner table. The round shape and the 3D structure provides a perfect grip and the minimalistic design gives the bowl a modern look. This is the smallest dip bowl from the collection and it is perfect for serving dips with snacks or to add to the sushi table. This dip bowl is part of the Blauw Vouw collection that is designed by Romy Kühne for Heinen Delfts Blauw. To create this collection Romy dived into the history of Delft blue earthenware. The ceramic traditions of Asia and The Netherlands go way back. To honour this connection Romy designed the tableware set Blauw Vouw. A surprising merge of the Asian folding art Origami and the typical Dutch Delft blue traditions. You can see this in the geometric folds that were created by using paper molds and the Delft blue, Japanese cherry blossom decoration. The work of Romy is characterized by geometric shapes and a passion for craftmanship. “In a time where mass production and fast techniques such as 3D-printing are leading in the world of design, I want to bring the old crafts back to life. That is why I combine crafts and modern techniques together. The Blauw Vouw collection is a perfect example of this vision.” THIS TABLEWARE IS DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE AND OVEN PROOF.
SKU: TW103005
Size: Contents 100 ml, Ø 9 cm, H 3,5 cm.
Brand: Heinen Home
Process: Transfer
Weight: 100 gr.
Material: Porcelain
Safe for the dishwasher: Yes
Microwave safe: Yes
Oven safe: Yes
Category: Dipping bowls
Collection: Blauw Vouw
Designer: Romy Kühne
Theme: Flowers
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