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Heinen Delfts Blauw
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Fabrieksmerk van Heinen Delfts Blauw met initiaal van schilder en jaarcode

Hoe herken ik Delfts blauw?

Written by Martijn On

What you might not know is that around the golden age there were some countless Delft blue factories in the Netherlands. Many were in Delft, but not all of them. Because 'Delft pottery' is not a protected brand name, so far, it is commonly used for blue-white ceramics. It is therefore not surprising that many pieces labeled with 'Delft' are actually no Delft pottery. This pottery has an appearance similar to Delft's pottery, but not manufactured in Delft. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, factories outside Delft used the place name as a trademark for their similar products. Also our factory 'Heinen Delft Blue'. We often ask whether we can redirect the origin of some Delft blue pieces. Given the large number of factories in the Netherlands, we can not always tell you exactly. However, we have a link to a useful website, containing the most famous pottery factories and their signatures. Click here to see if your Delft pottery is in between. All our painting products have recently been provided with a new signature. This fits the new look of our products. The typical fish of Heinen is accompanied by the initials of the painters and a year's code (the year in which the article was made) Discover our beautiful hand-painted Delft blue pottery below!


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