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Written by Annette O'Shea On

Autumn has really started and in our stores we notice that you want to make it cozy at home. These are the top 10 most popular products from our collection from the past month. Shop them while you can, because they are selling very quickly or save them as favorites in your wish list for a later time.

Spreekwoord Als een kat van huis is dan dansen de muizen, Heinen Delfts Blauw

1. Wall plates with sayings

Old Dutch sayings, tile wisdom from grandma, a funny slogan on the toilet... we Dutch love it. Our collection of wall plates with a well-known proverb depicted in Delft blue is at number 1! These "talking boards" are also often bought as a gift for someone else, with a saying that suits the occasion.

Kerstboomhanger Meisje met de parel pastel aan blauw lint

2. Christmas ornament miniature wall plates

Maybe not everyone openly admits it yet, but Christmas items are already flying off the counter. The Christmas ornaments in the form of miniature wall plates are particularly popular and are in second place in the top 10. Combine different designs and spread the miniature wall plates among the pine branches for a cozy Christmas tree full of surprises.

Wandbord van het puttertje met kunstige, kleurrijke bloemen

3. Wall plate the goldfinch

The Goldfinch remains a popular painting. We have depicted this beautiful bird by Carel Fabritius on various wall plates. One in the original brown tones and the other with pastel-colored flowers around it. Which variant is your favorite?

Kersthanger Delfts blauw ballon dier hond met gouden order

4. Christmas ornament balloon animals

It doesn't have to be so serious! This is evident from this top 10, because at number four are these playful Christmas ornaments in the shape of a balloon animal. The dog and unicorn are made of porcelain, but you can clearly recognize the inflated, airy shape of the balloon. Great for an attractive Christmas tree full of comic elements.

Theemok teckel Nhaan van Janny van der Heijden

5. Tea mug Teckel Nhaan

Dachshund Nhaan's group of fans is growing! The adorable dog of kitchen queen Janny van der Heijden has his own Delft blue tableware and the tea mug is currently the most popular. At number 5 is this cheerful porcelain mug, on which little Nhaan wonderfully shows all his different sides.

Delfts blauwe wandvogel voor aan de muur.

6. Delft blue wall birds

They don't fly out of the store in a V-formation, but the three of them often leave for a new home. These three Delft blue wall birds are a popular choice as wall decoration this fall. There are three variants available, which hang beautifully on the wall alone or together.

De Blauwe Fiets nr 1 vaas ontworpen door Sylvain Tegroeg Heinen Delfts Blauw

7. Vase The Blue Bicycle nr. 1

This modern Delft blue vase is a design by Sylvain Tegroeg for Heinen Delfts Blauw. The vase has a sleek, unusual shape and is richly decorated with a range of typical Dutch bicycles. From the cherished grandma bike to the iconic cargo bike, filled with children, groceries and pets. A real picture of the Netherlands today! Sylvain has made three different models, of which this vase is currently the most popular.

8. Tripartite tulip vase gold

It's getting dark quickly these days, so we bring in more gold to our homes. Every year we see it happen again as soon as autumn begins. It is therefore no surprise to us that this gold-colored three-piece tulip vase is in the top 10. The gold brings sparkle to the home and it reflects the light of, for example, a flickering candle very atmospherically. Fill the vase with beautiful autumn branches or during the Christmas period with holly and red berries. Literally beautiful!

Wandbord met Edelhert portret omringt met bloemen

9. Wall plate Deer

Autumn in all its glory. This wall plate reflects all the beauty of this season, with an imposing red deer in the middle. The flowers that are woven into its stately antlers also bear the colors of autumn, beautiful pastel shades combined with brown and old orange. A beautiful decoration piece for the wall or to place in a stand.


10. Tulip vase square

The traditional Delft blue also remains popular. We see this in this special square tulip vase, with a very classic Delft blue decor. Thanks to the different spouts, each flower stem receives the support it needs and it becomes very easy to arrange a bouquet of flowers equally. A very nice decoration piece for the table.


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