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Forest birds collection: cheerful whistlers for your home!

Birds and Heinen Delfts Blauw have been flitting around each other for years. Next to lush flowers, birds are the most painted subject on Delft blue pottery, so it's no surprise that these cheerful fliers have their own collection. In the Bosvogel (Forest Birds) collection you will find various bird species that you will encounter in the Dutch landscape. 

Flower arrangement tips for large vases

Large vases are beautiful, but they are not always easy to arrange your bouquet of flowers in. You often need a lot of flowers, small flowers sink away or the flowers have too much space and fall to the side. That's why we come up with a few useful tips to fill our largest and most beautiful flower vases with a beautiful bouquet.

Milk churn vase: rustic nostalgia on the table

New in our collection! Vases in the shape of an old Dutch milk churn. This nostalgic milk churn is a nice model for a brand new flower vase, in which you can store a large bouquet of meadow flowers. A piece of rustic charm for the kitchen table.

Interior trend eclectic: the best of multiple worlds

Every living style and trend has something beautiful to offer that makes you happy. If you find it difficult to stick to one style and you constantly switch between interior trends and old classics, there is a good chance that the eclectic living style is tailor-made for you. This daring, creative interior movement is a reflection of your personality that knows no bounds. Discover everything about this trend and how to design it in your home.

Animal figurines as home decoration

Cheer up your interior with nice animal figurines in Delft blue. Over the years it has become very normal to place a nice statue of a dog, cat or even a dodo as a decoration piece, but there is actually a deeper meaning behind this interior trend. Curious about what that is and which animal figurine suits your home? We've listed it for you!

Delfts blue Valentine's gifts

The ideal gift for Valentine's Day

Roses wither, flowers perish, but Delft blue always remains. Celebrate love this Valentine's Day with Heinen Delfts Blauw and surprise your soulmate with a nice set of Delft blue jewelry that we have put together especially for you. Celebrate love!

Teckel Nhaan tableware becomes a finalist!

Yes, we are so proud of our little Dachshund Nhaan! The Delft blue tableware which centers around this cute dog is a finalist for the 2024 Tableware International Awards of Excellence. That means that their international jury fell in love with this adorable dog, just like the rest of the Netherlands did! Keep your fingers crossed that our dear Nhaan will be chosen as the winner.

Tips & tricks: how to clean vases

A clean vase ensures that your bouquet of flowers stays beautiful longer. Often a stubborn deposit remains on the inside of the vase, which is difficult to remove. Especially when this vase has graceful shapes, with corners that are difficult to reach with a brush or sponge. That's why we've listed a number of tips to make cleaning a vase a piece of cake.

Blauw Vouw Espressokopje ontworpen door Romy Kuhne Heinen Delfts Blauw

Buy the best espresso cups

Drink espresso like a real barista with the espresso cups from Heinen Delfts Blauw. These nice espresso cups are made of beautiful porcelain and available in different styles and designs. With a high-quality, beautiful espresso cup, that first shot of coffee of the day tastes even better.

Indoor planters and flower pots

Many people have already had their Christmas trees removed from their homes! If you're also someone who resolutely puts away all your Christmas stuff as soon as New Year's Eve is over, you're probably left with a lot of empty spaces in your house right now. Time for fresh, new home decoration to fill the void after Christmas.

A funny Christmas with funny baubles

The Netherlands is known as the country of jokes and pranks. So it's no wonder that we are also at the forefront when it comes to a funny Christmas! If you like a bit of humor and surprise this holiday season, get inspiration with funny Christmas baubles and Christmas ornaments for a hilarious Christmas.

Shop the best Christmas gifts

Christmas is the time of the year in which we give extra time and attention to the people we love. We want to be together, eat together, enjoy the holidays together and open up Christmas gifts together. Discover which Christmas gift would really surprise your loved one this year!