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New trend: Delft blue wall birds

The temperatures are steadily dropping, the leaves are falling from the trees and the first birds that leave our country in a V-formation have already been spotted in the watery blue sky. Our Delft blue wall birds also prefer to hang together on the wall and flutter in a clear line through your house! This new trend in home accessories fits perfectly with this season and adds dynamism to a flat wall.

How to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree

What a wonderful job; decorate the Christmas tree! Get the Christmas baubles and Christmas ornaments from the attic, we are going to decorate the Christmas tree again. With these handy tricks and smart tips, decorating the Christmas tree will become a lot easier and you will soon have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your home.

Delfts blauwe tegel Hond en Poes Heinen Delfts Blauw

Delft blue tiles

A Delft blue tile is the ultimate Delft blue product. The tiles with a beautiful white background and a deep blue decoration have been popular for hundreds of years. Discover the most beautiful Delft blue tiles, with a very traditional or a modern decor and how you can use these tiles in your home.

Sinterklaas shoe gifts for grown ups!

If you are still looking for nice shoe gifts for Sinterklaas, come and have a look at the nicest Delft blue warehouse in the country. Here you will find the most beautiful and surprising shoe gifts for adults. From nice tea mugs and dried flower houses, to beautiful vases and tableware sets. What do you want to get in your pocket?

Black Friday at Heinen Delfts Blauw

Bank card at the ready and... GO! Black Friday is the time to get your Sinterklaas and Christmas presents at a discount. Put your favorite Delft blue products on your wish list and strike as soon as the Black Friday promotion starts!

Tulip vase white: our snow white beauty!

There used to be 'tulip mania', nowadays there is tulip vase mania. While people used to give home and hearth for a very expensive tulip bulb, it is now mainly the tulip vases that are more valuable than the tulip itself. The three-piece white tulip vase is our snow-white beauty that stands head and shoulders above the other vases in terms of popularity.

A Delft blue Christmas 2023!

On to the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas 2023! It sometimes seems so far away, but Christmas decorations are flying out of our stores. Delft blue Christmas baubles, porcelain Christmas pendants, nice Christmas figures for the Christmas tree... they are indispensable! Take a look for fun Christmas styling tips and cozy home decorations that will make you very happy this winter period.

New items for the Nhaan collection

Make sure you keep a napkin under your chin, because these new products are guaranteed to make you drool! The cutest Delft blue collection in the Netherlands is being expanded with beautiful, new tableware. The adorable dog Nhaan, Janny van der Heijden's faithful four-legged friend, plays the leading role on this Delft blue tableware. Cheerful, playful and a cuteness factor you can't say no to.

Shop our most popular items of the moment!

Autumn has really started and in our stores we notice that you want to make it cozy at home. These are the top 10 most popular products from our collection from the past month. Shop them while you can, because they are selling very quickly or save them as favorites in your wish list for a later time.

Put a delicious Christmas dinner on the table!

Pull out all the stops for Christmas dinner this winter. We're leaving the whole 'less is more' belief behind us, because we're making it the Christmasiest Christmas we've ever had. Green, red, conviviality, food and drinks in abundance and the most beautiful materials. This way you can enjoy the biggest meal of the season even more!

Behind the scenes... ceramic technician

Making Delft blue pottery is a process that has hardly changed in the past four hundred years. Come and take a look inside the Heinen Delfts Blauw factory where Delft blue pottery is still made in an authentic way. Follow our ceramic specialists step by step and discover how many people have handled a Delft blue vase before it reaches the store.

Cheerful vases with birds

Autumn, falling leaves, birds preparing for winter time... they unmistakably belong together! The early, enchanting evening concert of countless birds that live in our trees, on our roofs and in the gardens let us know: the days are getting shorter and autumn is coming! Our vases with birds depict the most recognizable birds in beautiful autumn colours, so you can put a beautiful autumn bouquet on the table.