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Weck jar canalhouses

Not available
€ 16,95

Creamer plate

Not available
€ 51,-

Mug Dutch Tiles

Not available
€ 6,48

Tea bag holder cat with orange tulip

Not available
€ 7,95

Cup and saucer matt white

Not available
€ 14,95

Milk cow floral motif.

Not available
€ 149,-

Cake plat scalloped edge floral motif coloured

Not available
€ 209,-

Herring dish

Not available
€ 345,-

Star bowl octagon landscape

Not available
€ 175,-

Jug floral motif

Not available
€ 259,-

Bowl floral motif large

Not available
€ 129,-

Bowl flower medium

Not available
€ 99,-

Bowl on foot floral motif coloured

Not available
€ 699,-

Bowl on foot floral motif

Not available
€ 639,-

Bowl eight sided floral motif coloured

Not available
€ 119,-

Bowl octagonal landscape

Not available
€ 169,-

Cake plat colored oval landscape

Not available
€ 549,-

Cake plate oval floral motif

Not available
€ 419,-

Fruit bowl on foot floral motif

Not available
€ 619,-

Star bowl octagon floral motif coloured

Not available
€ 175,-

Buy Delft blue crockery

At Heinen Delfts Blauw we have beautiful tableware that is truly unique. We work together with designers such as Debbie Wijskamp and Romy Kühne. Delft blue gives a very chic atmosphere at the table and we have managed to capture that in various collections. Each collection has its own style and story, which means we have designed a beautiful service set for everyone. Discover which design suits you and surprise everyone with a festively set table!

Special porcelain tableware

The tableware made by Heinen Delfts Blauw is made of porcelain and is therefore not only very strong, but it also always remains beautiful. The white remains very bright, making the blue paintings stand out even more. We have three major collections that are extremely popular: Blue Blossom, Blue Fold and Blue Festival. These three each have their own pattern and style, but are also suitable all year round. Of course you can also supplement your own collection with matching vases, so that you really have a festively set table!

Functional and beautiful tableware

When we design a tableware collection, we first look at the appearance. It must be high-quality tableware and it must be recognizable as typical Delft blue. When designing the tableware, we also look at the functionality of the tableware. It must be easy to use. Very beautiful designer dinner plates can look nice on the table, but if you can't eat comfortably from them or if your food doesn't fit well on the plate, you won't enjoy it very much. That is why we also look at the design and how the tableware will be used.

Tableware to keep for generations

Our goal is to make tableware of such high quality and with such a beautiful design, that it will last a lifetime. We also listen carefully to the feedback from our customers about how they experience the tableware and whether there is any tableware that is missing from the collection. Our existing tableware collections are therefore regularly expanded with new tableware pieces, from espresso cups, egg cups, mugs with a handle and even the occasional dog food bowl!

Mix and match tableware

All our tableware collections have their own style and appearance. Yet they all have one thing in common: each tableware has recognizable Delft blue decorations. Because the color is always the same and because, for example, the characteristic leaf pattern appears in several designs, a lot of tableware also matches with each other. For example, combine the delicate coffee cups from the Blauw Vouw tableware collection with the robust coffee pot from the Blauw Bloesem collection for an interesting contrast. The tableware from the Sharing Moments collection also fits well together. The collection consists of three different tableware lines, such as a decor with monkeys, tulips or dogs on it. Because all tableware pieces have the same shapes and colors, you can combine them with each other for a playful and cozy result.